Mobile dining car, mobile shop will be the next red capture network traffic

? Where the Chinese, there is a small street vendors who sell food, living debris, various arts and crafts, and even household appliances, but also provide a simple life of service, for example shaved, the Brothers and the like; in Thailand, Vietnam plenty of water and other natural city, Floating market with local characteristics are more common, the vendors will sell with the water in the river through the town on fresh produce, crafts, etc. on the board; and in the United States, there are street food special name –food truck. These mobile retailers are not subject to a fixed position to satisfy consumers in different parts of those targeted consumer demand.

After the retail business to a certain level, it melted mixed nostalgic atmosphere of the new business model – mobile business, back to modern and innovative form of our lives, in an old kernel and the new form of quantum leap for the public " retail Business "stereotype, so that the soul of the business" move "again.

Mobile Business TIPs:

Mobile shops to ensure creative must also take care of the consumer experience. In addition to the shape novelty to consumers outside the shop comfort is also important, therefore, operators should always pay attention to the ambient temperature inside the store and around; in-store lighting is also important to ensure adequate store, proper lighting; fire, separated heat and other safety measures are equally important.

Trolley Cafe

Wheelys Cafe

Cafe on the three-wheeled cart? Not a joke, this unique brand is Wheelys Café, as a multi-functional environment-friendly mobile coffee vehicles that operate on a bicycle cafes, this "cafe" compact but fully functional, can provide soft drinks, coffee, juice, fruit, chocolate bars and small cakes and other foods.

The eye-catching red and white minimalist style is very eye-catching. In addition to stylish appearance, this cafe-tech uncompromising. Roof solar panel power and wind power generators supplying the entire mobile coffee car, the car comprising a freezer, coffee maker, and a display three mobile greenhouse fresh coffee plants. Even comes with an air filtering device, ambient air purge over 6500 cubic meters per day. Coffee grounds can be used with an appropriate fertilizer cultivation of indoor plants.

Compared to a coffee brand, Wheelys looks more like a technology company. Stylish appearance, ultra-small body mass, full-service, all kinds of eco-technology …… popular tags allowed while eye-catching, harvesting a truly "small is beautiful" brand image. The Wheelys has gone through four versions, Wheelys3 already advanced version comes with wifi, as well as greenhouse cultivation of coffee beans and control the temperature of the Android system. Currently, the latest version of Wheelys Green Warrior is still in crowdfunding.

Wheelys founder is Thomas Mazetti, Cafe flagship hand to make coffee, there are as many as 10 varieties of coffee, as well as 30 kinds of drinks and snacks. Join the brand’s business must also purchase the same ingredients, while encouraging local conditions: for example, Jordan Wheelys sell Turkish coffee.

Full-service Wheelys Cafe not only cost low enough, also follow a regular business hours, and select only the large flow of people, "stall", saving the customer time to buy. Due to low-cost mobile cafe (coffee a car only $ 3499 ~ 6999), is characterized by low barriers to entry, a safer business model, franchisees can extract 95% of revenue. But the disadvantages can not guarantee the safety of food.

Wheelys Café investment by the famous business incubator Y Combinator, there are currently 315 coffee car distribution in 51 countries and regions, in Shanghai China has achieved floor.

Container Store

Container Store has several decades of history, in the field of mobile shop can be described as enduring classic device, the container is small, but perfectly formed. What container shops can sell? From the most common desserts, ice cream, to clothing, accessories, only you think, no container can not. It turns out that a beautifully designed container can be placed goods absolutely beyond your imagination.

Richard Chai

Fashion designer Richard Chai container shop is located at New York’s High Line park in Manhattan, designed by Snarkitecture, the entire decoration shop only cost five thousand dollars. The shop designed by architect and artist Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen, they create a meandering surface with plastic foam to create "ice" style space very futuristic. All the works were done by hand, using only the heater wire.

There are also many brands in other industries or fields, often choosing such stores:



Route shop


During the modified AirStream ride, there is a neat display and accessories. Designer Thierry Gaugain is responsible for the modification of the car, uses the recycling wooden board to lay the ground, can splicing the shelf and retro element decoration, so that there is a flavor in the car.

Tactile Coffee

Los Angeles gathered a lot of specially popular boutique cafés, and even looking for a guide to Los Angeles Cafe Food Tourism Guide. Many coffee owners want to occupy a status here. Tactile Coffee appears in a unique way, this different mobile coffee dining car is created by Mike and Eric Yi. This moving coffee cart in the weekday docked above the neighborhood of Fashion District. Currently fixed business base is Towne & 10th and Towne & 12th blocks.

Handsome matte black trucks shape, the window of the car can open, semi-active dining car, daily business place and business hours are different. But don’t worry, the merchant will make propaganda on the official Instagram in advance, remind customers to buy coffee locations and time every day, just pay close attention, it is very interesting. Occasionally in the park, occasionally on a certain street, occasionally free coffee, drink a cup of coffee is not easy. That kind of mood seems to go to Hong Kong every time, I hope to meet mobile ice cream cars.

Their coffee beans have selected the famous Counter Culture Coffee in the third wave of boutique coffee, from the concentrated coffee drink to the drinking of various concentrated syrup, there will be special spices tea CHAI.

Eric Yi in one of the boss has also been trained in Los Angeles’s most famous French chef Ludo’s restaurant, so the quality of coffee is still guaranteed.

Mobile cinema

A small team "BRUIT DU Frigo" composed of architects, urban planners, artists and photographers, using simple pinhole, and wooden trolley combination, forming a simple mobile cinema. This mobile cinema will show a length of 10 minutes in length, and you can accommodate two people. The principle of its operation is: The movie will enter the door of the small wood house, and the eyes are gradually adapted to the dark environment. The imaging window of "Cinema" is opened, and the outside scene is projected on the screen in the wooden house. The design team also includes a movie guides, and helping the sound and audible, moving "Cinema" to interesting new venues. In this way, "movie" can watch different "movies".

The design of this device is to make people noticed daily sights that are easy to ignore in their lives.

There is also a new portable mobile carrier, and the product variety carrier is novel.

Xinyi Tong Intelligent Dining Car Technology Co., Ltd.

XYT High Tech Dining Car Crop.



Address: No. 3-1, Jinde Road, Fragrant Community, Hangcheng Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen



Moving store features:

· Close closer to actual consumption, minimize the distance between buyers and sellers, saving consumers to store time and transportation;

· Flexible mobile phone in business places, can be moved, transform the transaction location;

· With the tract of passenger flow, the sales of mobile commerce sales is guaranteed or even extended;

· The business form is rich and diverse, and it can maintain a fresh sense for a long time;

· The decoration cost is low, you can make diligence;

· Highlighting creativity and attracts the public.

Everything in the world seems to follow the laws of circulating forwarding forward, whether it is fashionable or natural, modern business has experienced the road of "returning to the true and simple" after experiencing brilliant legendary development.

The trend and trend are always circulating development. Nothing is really avant-garde, and it doesn’t matter to absolute. The modern mall is booming, which greatly meets the needs of the public’s leisure consumption. However, after the homogenized MALL is more surprised, do you have a moment of retreat, walk along the street, such as a vendor along the street, that is a rare and hopeful, under the modern society It was squeezed with the charm of "feelings". This change of the public allows for shopping centers, department stores, or by digital technology in the virtual world, and they were put into containers, and they were put into the container. Go to the cart, even just put it on a print canvas or shopping basket, for the people to browse, attract people to stop, in the eyes of the circle, between the hands of the joy, the goods are found in the most natural form Suitable belongings.

Today, these traditional mobile retail modes with distinctive times or geographical characteristics retro to our horizons in a new way. We advocate free breath, the store is the same. Who said that the shop selection is fixed? It is a crowd to tend to store, and in the mobile business field, "address" can be rapidly changed, and the store tends to people. The store is the best business model because of people. In such a new business model, consumption is randomly born, there are "unexpected" business opportunities everywhere, and future consumption network is red, which belongs to these more aging and changing goods suppliers. Let us look forward to, in addition to nostalgia, mobile shop will give us a surprise.

ZTE: The meaning of 5G upgrade

With the arrival of the 5G era, people look forward to 5G to refresh the "speed" miracle. The need for network speed is the meaning of 5G upgrade. ZTE presents us to deal with the network needs of political enterprises, operators and consumers, so that 5G upgrades really have its meaning.

From the industrial field, Xu Ziyang, President of ZTE, pointed out in 2021 China 5G + Industrial Internet General Assembly, "5G is an IABCDE (Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Edge Calculation) Evolution Upgrade Core catalyst.

5G as a catalyst, upgrade 5G is very important for companies with "low delay" demand.

In the field of electricity, ZTE has cooperated with the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau. On the one hand, inspections through the 5G network drone and amphibia robots; on the other hand, under the low-delay in the 5G network, the operator can be more timely, meticulous During the manipulation of drones and amphibians, avoiding the risk of operational or timely operation.

In the field of energy, ZTE and industry partners, jointly build a platform for "underground in the well in the well, and to help the sea, the coal mines continue to promote the intelligent mine construction process," full-knowledge, all joint , Full intelligence "smart mine.

From civil engineering, 5G applications are closely related to our lives. In the aviation field, ZTE introduced 5G ATG road interconnection program, build a special network coverage of horizon, solves super high-speed and super high-altitude signal coverage and access issues, so that we are also in "Cloud" You can enjoy custom services such as entertainment, office, and telemedicine.

In the commercial sector, ZTE combined with Hunan Telecom completed the large-scale verification and deployment of the 5G SSB 1 + X Advanced Stereo Evolution Program in Changsha, so that the 5G signal successfully covered every corner of the high-rise building of the main city, you will feel 5G "Speed".

People need 5G, and in the future, they will play 6G and other special names that represent speeds, and ZTE has never stopped in the process of 5G to 6G, and I hope that ZTE can bring us more More surprises. (Oriental Network)

The same thing, Xiaomi, Huawei’s view is very different, netizen: This is the pattern

Xiaomi executives, always call the words on Weibo.

On November 26, the Xiaomi Executive Wang Tengfa Weibo, which was certified as Redmi Products Director, said in Communication Street in Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Road. He found that many friends shop don’t operate, and Xiaomi has opened two shops this year. Invite Zhengzhou consumers to pay attention.

However, Zhengzhou local netizens found that Wang Teng said, "Friends store in the business", "actually moved to dozens of meters, not to operate, so there are netizens to spit millet double standard:" Friendship relocation, said People can’t operate; move their own way, say to the optional optimization. "

Speaking of this, in fact, these contents are nothing, after all, executives are also people, maybe he really doesn’t see the relocation notice.

But the next microblog, but saw the different business philosophy of Xiaomi, Huawei’s two companies, or the difference in executive patterns.

In Weibo on November 28, Wang Teng briefly elaborated the layout concept of Xiaomi’s market development, saying that Xiaomi has been seeking to do in the new model, rather than "Gao Ma profit, relying on the store "Traditional line mode.

To put it bluntly, Xiaomi wants to explore the business strategy of the market in the market, and the development methods of the traditional line market are not very strong.

In contrast, Huawei is a lot of modest to treat the market. As early as 2016, a "OPPO and Vivo" War "triggered a fierce discussion in Huawei, for OPPO, Vivo’s online market layout, and learned.

Soon, this article was not seen, specifically wrote: "Terminal is too great. To learn from all outstanding people, truly criticize yourself, it is already great. Whether you are really modest, false and humility, I sincerely say that you are great, you are our hopes, hope to pin it on you. The world must be yours. "

It is also since 2016, Huawei achieves rapid growth through the market experience of OPPO, Vivo learning line, helping Huawei to win the Chinese market for many years.

The same is to treat OPPO, VIVO’s online market development strategy, Xiaomi wants to find another way, find new development methods; Huawei wants to learn, learn their excellent development experience.

So, what do you see?

Huawei is essentially a family service company

Talent is not the core competitiveness of Huawei, the ability to manage talents is the core competitiveness of the company.

In 1997, a professor of the drafting group was asked in the Drafting Group: "Is it the core competitiveness of Huawei?"

Ren a total answer is unexpected:

"Talent is not the core competitiveness of Huawei, the ability to manage talents is the core competitiveness of the enterprise."

Therefore, there is a sentence in the "Huawei Basic Law" called: "Serious and responsible, management effective employees are Huawei’s largest wealth." Instead of speaking, "employees are the most valuable wealth" as many companies.

In my eyes, Huawei is more than just a company operating a communications business, but also a company that has run talent, and then supports the long-term healthy development of the business.

In essence, Huawei is a family that operates.


Core indicator

human capitalROI

Operating talents is the core of Huawei. So, how is Huawei to continue to improve the ROI (return on investment) of human capital?

I think that from the perspective of talent lifecycle management, the following three initiatives are particularly critical.

1, Bottom management of the trial period employee

The proportion of personnel who have been eliminated or transferred should not be less than 20%., Because the upper limit of the international talent recruitment recognition rate is 80%.

If you don’t stick to this basic ratio, the return on investment in corporate human capital will definitely decrease, because there will be some adverse assets to flow into the company, and the loss it caused is not an individual cost, but the high cost of organizing performance.

2Top management of employees 1-3 years

Working for 1 year to 3 years, is the key stage of the return on the return of human capital investment (Huawei is about 2 years).

Generally speaking, the marketing staff is short, the R & D personnel are long, the small businesses are short, and large enterprises are long.

The employees in the first year to the third year have to force 30% of the top, because 1 to 3 years is the highest loss rate of corporate employees. As an active capital, we must calmly face the loss, but also Do your best to reduce 30% of the top 30% of high quality capital.

How can I not let this batch of quality talents lose a lot?

Through the objective evaluation method based on value contribution, 30% of the high-quality talents are evaluated and given differential treatment and differential growth opportunities.

Here, you must dare to pull the gap and dare to give different opportunities for different people, regardless of the contest, just college degree, only the consensus.

This is an employee choice of all enterprises. The object is gathered, and people can share the excellent people in order.

3Normalization of employee exiting mechanism

The three bodies in the management of Chinese corporate talents are: coming in, it is easy to go out, it is easy to get difficult, and the orderly rotation is also difficult.

This causes the talent "slab" or "fluidity deletion". I want to give a business manager of the business manager:

Talent liquidity is more important than capital’s liquidity, because human capital is more valuable than financial capital, and only makes talent to achieve the dynamic optimal configuration of talent, thus playing the maximum effectiveness of human capital.

In any position, Huawei’s default is that it is not more than three years. After 30 years of continuous evolution, Huawei’s exit mechanism and root mechanism are running with normal institutionalization.

Therefore, Huawei can be able to enter the capability, can enter, ordered. Confused other Chinese companies can do the above three points.


"Trinity" combination

Continue to create a competitive advantage

From the perspective of the business management system of the company, ROIs that continue to improve human capital are extremely difficult things. The human management model of Huawei "Trinity" is worth learning.

1. Precision-choice – selection and configuration of talents

The biggest cost of selecting people is not the cost of recruitment, but the opportunity cost of the company. A person who is a competent important position can make things, and another uncomfortable person will give the same thing.

This is what Welch said"The ancestors"– There is no suitable person (especially leading talents), and a good strategy cannot be implemented.

Liu Chuanzhi also proposed "Take a team, fixed strategy, with a team"The three-step rules, many people ask Liu’s total "Why isn’t it a strategy, take a team, bring a team?"

Liu always said that it must be "take the team, fixed strategy, with a team", this is the matter of the ancestors. Looking for someone is "something in humanity", and finding wrong people will "things". "

Therefore, the selection of people are precise. The data of the US Manager Association shows that the average talent recognition rate of American companies is 50%.

Welch is the highest CEO we have seen. He said that he used 30 years in "Win" to increase the talent recognition rate from 50% to 80%. The talent recognition rate of Chinese companies is around 35% – only one of the three positions is selected, this is the gap.

As a manager, the accurate people are a basic skill.So, how can I quickly improve talent recognition?

Huawei began using STAR rules since 1998:


T-Task Task

A-action How to act

R-RESULT result

Description of the key behavior in the past helps us accurately determine the quality and skills of the candidate.

STAR is a structured behavior interview method. After repeated tempering, after the interviewer masters this skill, it can effectively eliminate the factors that can take a head of the head, allowing the general enterprise’s talent recognition rate to more than 60%.

In addition, companies are not only to selection of individual talents, but also learn to form the best team – make the division of labor of core talents more reasonable.

Huawei began in the 1990s"Wolf Plan"That is to achieve this purpose, the two principles of team of teamal and deputy is:The core values ??are converged, and the ability to compensation is complementary.

2Accelerate the talent – talent growth mechanism

Ten years of trees, a hundred years of tree people. Under normal circumstances, the speed of enterprises will be faster than the speed of talent growth, especially in the transformation of the company’s change.

According to statistics, the return on investment in China’s business talent training (including training) is only 10% -20% of US companies. Huawei’s leading enterprises have huge investment in talents, so we must fully consider accelerating investment benefits of promoting talents.

First, one of the things that must be done is the accelerated development of employee capacity – career planning. Now is a human society, it is an enforcement enterprise organization, so we must pay special attention to employee development.

Huawei is the first Chinese company in China to introduce the "five-level dual channel" qualification system.(Note: It is now five-level three-way channel, which has added a horizontal position – project management).

Where is the problem with low talent training efficiency?

I think the cultivation of Chinese companies in two major misunderstandings – did not do "practice teaching" and "learning".

If the learning method is not based on effective growth, it is not based on the greater value for the company, I think this kind of study is a huge investment waste.

In Huawei, basic knowledge training, case teaching and action learning is no longer the most effective model, and replaced by the "training combination of training" advocated by the non-all.

Huawei cultivated talents must have the ability to "win". Huawei globalization layout, how to copy "General" talents in front?

Huawei is a convened of those most powerful national representatives (frontline), by them, as teachers.

These teachers Take the training class as a "pre-enemy operation headquarters"Lead the students to conduct all true practices.

3, High efficiency incentive – talent long-acting power mechanism

In fact, if there is money, no money and incentive mechanisms are effective in complete different concepts.

Many entrepreneurial companies don’t have much, they can attract and motivate outstanding employees; and a lot of money, a large, unprical, incentive, has a negative effect.

For example, the yield of Huawei employee is currently Wages, bonuses, TUP allocation and virtual contoursFour parts are composed. Before 2014, Huawei was three assignments, no TUP.

Over the past decade, the implementation of virtual restrictions, staged solves the "Who Wars" – the problem of long-term interest community.

But developing to today, its side effects are getting more and more obvious – forming a huge housekeeping class, these people are lying without working hard.

What should I do at this time? The essence of TUP allocation is a deferred distribution of bonuses, which is mainly assigned to young people with excellent contributions.

In this way, the amount of "Old Eight Road" virtual equity allocation is diluted, so Huawei "is fulfilled" with the struggle ".

Since the implementation of TUP, in addition to activating some "elderly", the biggest value is to enhance the abilities of Huawei to attract and retain outstanding young employees, so that Huawei will lose human capital advantage in the Internet’s new privileges.

Huawei believes that the essence of incentives is the expected value management– The employee is not an absolute value of the amount of compensation, but the gap between the absolute value and the individual expectation value.

Greed is a basic desire of people, Huawei’s greatest contribution is Let the employee’s expectation value returns to rationality.

So, how is Huawei manage the expectations of employees?


How to manage employee expectations?

First, Huawei insists on setting challenging goals – followed by cashing in the assessmentA10% / B account for 45% / D to account for 5% Basic ratio. It is easy to achieve the goal.

The requirements for A are beyond the goal, and the goals are challenging. So it is very difficult, the more the high level is getting more, and the Huawei has nearly half of the employee is the assessment result C.

When I started the assessment, many people will ask, why do I do so good?? I sayCIt is normal.

He said it is not normal, what do I say is normal? He said A is normal, I said NO, A is abnormal, A is extraordinary.

Huawei target value is very challenging, which means that even if the company’s target reachable rate is 70% -80%, the total reward package is also very large.

On the one hand, the employees of B, and the total number of employees are around 85% of the total number of employees, they have not completed their goals; on the other hand, they find that they have a lot of bonuses.

In this way, the employee will produce when they get money."负 疚": The boss is very good to us, we don’t want to do it, the company also gives so much money, embarrassing! Must do it next year.

Confused most Chinese companies, the target value is not to say, the proportion of the assessment A is still very large, resulting in mistakes that many employees are "great", and the company will give me too little. This will contribute to the "greed" side in human nature, so that more money can not be feeding.

Summary, the pattern of Huawei’s operating talents is not necessarily suitable for all companies, but its core concepts and operation methods can give many Chinese companies.

Let Chinese enterprises make better value for "value creation – value evaluation – value allocation".

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The quality of the old-fashioned flat, the quality of the new flat, the sound can be tested.

Author: poor moon

Honestly, I don’t know if the sound can be said when I am concerned about the flat stuff, and the sound can be recommended by the old iron.

I don’t know if you find that there is no, the manufacturer who is flattening plug is generally very focused. Although it is said that the flattet era is over, there are still several domestic brands that are still providing a new experience for the flattel.

This is in fact, in fact, there is already a lotus head at least 3 years ago, using my personal words, the flat plug has entered a new era.

After the voice (RW1000) of the sound of the sound, it is followed by a further Bison (RW2000), and now it ushered in the celestial cattle (RW3000), the price is also raised from the thousand yuan to 2k +, this article Share the individual’s related experience.

▲ In the appearance of RW3000 Tianniu and the previous two generations of molds are different, still a special sound cavity of snail architecture, but the body is similar to the first, lightweight high purity titanium aluminum alloy material makes it exquisite, wear There is also an improvement.

▲ See the shape design of this front and rear cavity and a large-area air hole, in fact, it is expected that the low frequency of Tianshen will be shocked. If you don’t understand what I said, I don’t know if the low frequency of the flat plug is difficult, the reason is nothing more than the flat plug cavity is small and the soundproof effect is poor.

▲ cavity detail show.

▲ When the plane plug is a generic mold plus the painting line or a common leather, but the era is different, and the flat-head plug supports the change in routine operation. The MMCX three-generation interface scheme used by the sound cow, the master part is reinforced with pure copper, and it can indeed increase the number of inserts, but the insert is also very laborious. It is recommended that the old iron is wrapped in a layer of cloth. Commonly manipulated.

▲ The wire of the sky is upgraded. This time is a relatively fine eight-core high-purity freezing single crystal silver foil wire mixed wire, and the official specially mentioned that the headphones are particularly created, but the main line is slightly thick, but the texture Comfortable, almost no elasticity, storage index and stethoscope effect control are excellent.

▲ In the plug, the cow is equipped with 3.5 / 2.5 and 4.4 specifications. The individual gets the conventional 3.5 plug, 16 ohm impedance and 113dB sensitivity make it easy to easily, with MATE30 when personal I have listened, although the low frequency will be unpleasant because the thrust is not enough, but the whole is not evil.

▲ At the time of the auditors, the individual uses Dry Dragon Sheng Qa361 and Tria L6, style and mobile phone direct push, and then not as low as the wilderness like a bison, and secondly is not like the current new flat plug. That analyze, I even think that its taste is the warmth of the old age flat plug, but its quality is higher, the dynamic is more dynamic, and the big scene of the mixed electronic music and symphony like Hansi It can also be reluctant.

Yes, driving this big scene is a good sound field, the low-frequency horizontal sound field of the cow is more obvious, but the vertical sound field is easily ignored, because its instrument is not very prominent (so I suggest it) 2.5 or 4.4 is on, improve the thrust should be further strengthened), but the dive is deep, the sound bottom thickness is moderate, the amount of brightness is natural, whether it is a hard rock or red pepper, and the alternative rock of red pepper. Or or is the jazz rock of the horror horror can take into account the overall atmosphere and feel the performance of the details.

▲ Of course, it is best to reflect it is still its old-fashioned style or its vocal, quit warm, quadruple analysis, two points, listen to Zhao Peng, the thickness is really good, whenever you think it will be a little alcohol but also Whenever you think that the teeth are once again, it also finds that it has a few fluffy feelings. Although the resolution is not very prominent, the density is not obvious, but the icon is stable, clear.

Such as Johnny Cash, Leonard, Nick Cave, the voice of the old man can find the feeling of the old family flat plug on the cow, but it has also parsed the quality, it does not exemplify it, because I still want to say Say its female voice.

If the parsing can also be improved in the male voice, then its female voice is just right, it is not a lot of warm sounds to further cut, but the thickness is moderate, even if it is Tai Qin’s mid-sound, there is a big box of stretching texture, The teeth are also maintained natural, the brightness is higher than that of the male voice, and the emotion is reflected, and some singers’ sweetness can also be reflected.

The high frequency part is the most authentic, brightness and thickness are natural, and the transients are not good enough on the two machines I am audition, but the overall permissions, the instrumental positioning includes the extensive tone on the details, even In a muscles of mixed strings and tube, it has not excessively paying attention to the analysis of strings, and the sound field is more broad, let me trust its potential.

▲ In contrast to Titanoid Plus and Sui Strove D3 +, Swissic D3 + is the most thrust, and the low frequency has the deepest, and the sound field is wider, but vocal resolution requires greater thrust to best.

At low frequency coagulating control and elastic upper titanium PLUS performance, although the sound field is not as good as D3 + wide, it is very stretched, low frequency is still very stable.

The RW3000 low frequency is the most quantitative, but its dive depth is not shallow, and the parsing is more obvious, it is not tight under great thrust, and the charm is not as good as the other, and there are more irritating feelings. Keep the permissions of this.

The people in vocals and the Titanium Plus style are similar, stronger, bright, full, have some sudden feelings, but the titanium bell Plus is more stretched, the RW3000 density is stronger, the two can be said to be a flat autumn, but the titanium bell Plus Medium and low frequency layers are more distinct, and individuals are more biased.

▲ Female voice, RW3000 and titanium PLUs have excellent analysis, and the PLUS of Titanium Plus is more clean, while RW3000 is stretched, although this titanium plus is still natural.

Because the RW3000 is used in this comparison 3.5 to 6.5 plugs, the individual has not done too much comparison, and only the two have a very good quality, and the titanium bell Plus is more calm.

The high frequency RW3000 is far higher than medium and low frequency after piping, in other words, in other words, its high frequency is more thrust, dynamics and transients reach the level of titany Plus, regardless of the isolation The degree or the extension is not inferior to the Titanium Bell Plus, and the performance is even better in the flue.

▲ Overall summary section

Relative to the comparison of Titanoid Plus and Sui Strove D3 +, I want to say that the performance of RW3000 under different thrust, it is so good, but the thrust is different. It is also different. For example, in L6, its voices in Le Tia L6 also maintains a higher quality while there is a charm of this old flat plug, but in the huge QA390 of the QA390, it is stimulated, and the tone is more neutral, and it is Flatle plug in quality stream.

On the three-frequency distribution, although the RW3000 is more powerful, it is still a balanced, the style can also be returned to the eating, if it is a good low frequency, the front end does not need too much test, if you like female or orchestra, you will be on the donkey. The front end (or select 4.4 plug directly).

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Children who love science must see: Frontier technology, understand the surface of the world

Focus documentary

Focus on documentary movement, discover excellent documentary, build a bridge with documentary

If someone tells you, the world around us is just an illusion, it is built in our minds, what will you feel?

If someone tells you that artificial intelligence can not only replace human work, but can you feel panicked in replacing human thinking?

If someone tells you, the inspiration you get from the gentle makes humans on the walls of the high-rise building as Spider-Man, are you interested in trying?

Such problems are not the imagination of Tianma, and the development of science and technology has made them become the possibility of reality. And the answers to these questions, several duckling documents can tell you.

Human brain research, life science, artificial intelligence, new materials, new energy … etc., The results of scientific research, not only the great invention creation since the 21st century, but also the combination of best creativity and best design, give us Cognitive the new perspective of the world.


"Deep into the brain"

Release time: 2015

Collection: 6 episodes

Single set length: 56 minutes

If someone says that the real world has no sound, no smell, no color, do you think he is challenging your common sense?

Following the story of David Eagleman, the ultimate puzzle in the brain was slowly launched. The human brain is called the most complicated thing found in the universe. In the past few decades, scientists have been constantly exploring these 3 pounds of gels, what happened, let us eventually become us.

The film is short and delicate. Each episode has clearly proposed a problem, with a large number of experimental examples, analyzes our brain and related consciousness activities in a variety of perspectives such as bioscience, awareness.

What is a reality? In the face of the information, brain input, output, processing from the outside world and gives it rich. Time sensation can be connected to memory. If "deep into the brain" tells you, the brain can "deceive" will, how much time is not a timepiece, but will, do you agree?

What is it shaped? It is the habit of gene, memory and from small acquisitions, and the Brain communication method, in shaping your emotions, personality and behavior.

Who is doing decisions? The subconscious, consciousness, and unconsciously constitute the rules of the internal body of the brain, but also affect each decision made by the brain. When you think that you "can’t help but help", it is unconventional or subconscious "manipulating" your brain?

How can I decide? The rheological and inductive part of the brain participated in the decision made by the brain, and the rational part is responsible for analyzing and cons., And the inductive part will make a decision directly under the subconscious role. When you face a major decision, "go deep into the brain" suggest you to avoid empty stomach and obeying intuition.

Why do I need you? The generation of prejudice, the interaction of groups means that population discrimination and persecution require more mutual understanding and transposition.

Who are we? The philosophical problem was successfully proposed. "What makes you?" What make up, what is the consciousness can be copied? Can a computer simulate a human brain? Is the human body can be extended? Come and find answers!

Our feelings, our beliefs and hopes, everything we happen in the brain. How the human brain creates a miracle slowly launched in the thinking narrative, revealing our ultimate story, and why we feel and think about what we do. "In-depth brain" combines scientific and innovative visual effects and fascinating personal stories, proposes and solves the six major problems. By understanding the human brain, we can get close to humanity.

"Deep into the brain"

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"Hello, AI"

Release time: 2019

Collection: 5 episodes

Single set length: 20 minutes

Starting from the famous "Hello, World" in the computer program language, human beings have been in greeting constant updated iterative computer technology, "Hello, Ai" is a friendly greetings from the world’s most eye-catching artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence, English abbreviation is Ai, a branch of computer science, is a new technique for developing intelligence, methods, techniques, and application systems for simulation, extension and expanding people. science.

Is it still a foggy water? Don’t understand what AI is? This "Hello, Ai" is finished, you will understand!

"Hello, Ai" is divided into 5 episodes, divided into five themes "Mars Plan", "Activation History", "Natural Syndrome", "Evolutionary Boat", "Future Vision", showing AI in cultural heritage protection, Save endangered species, overcome medical problems, explore the applications in multiple application scenarios such as universe, and explore the relationship between artificial intelligence and human development.

In the concentration of "activation history", AI replaced "new equipment" to the record work of more than 700 caves in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes. History is activated like this! AI combines image collection technology, erosion with sand, runs, records each frame of Dunhuang historical cultural relics, every wiping color; add AI to drone, you can provide full The angle image collection, automatic generation of repair recommendations, to the Chinese historical business cards to the vicissitudes of the broken wall; AI can also include a few ethnic languages ??that disappear … As the science and technology AI, it is not a cold object with no feelings. It is a high energy helper in human life.

15 people’s true stories involving 77 people, 43 institutions, launched 119 days, footprints over more than 30 domestic and international cities, across the Asia, Europe, America, non-4 continents, minimum shooting temperature minus 40 degrees … five The 8K documentary "Hello AI" is divided into different applications in different applications. From the perspective of artificial intelligence and human development, artificial intelligence to help and change human life.

This is not only a history of creative technological progress, but also a journey full of love and warmth; this is not only a scientific blockbuster, but also a history of time, close to life, and I am connected to you.

"Hello AI"

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Material Revolution

Release time: 2016

Collection: 4 episodes

Single set length: 52 minutes

From the stone era, every major breakthrough in materials science and technology will cause the revolution of production technology and greatly accelerate the process of social development. Imagine that the building can withstand the test of the earthquake, the bacteria can secrete gasoline, miniature equipment can help us repair damaged cells or even DNA, spider silk can withstand the entire bridge, the elevator can let us live straight. When you can also have the artificial "super power" of Spider-Man, do you change whether the views of the world will change?

These prospects for future prospects are based on today’s exploration and discovery. A new material science, from the most basic unit that makes up all things in the universe. The continuous innovation of materials technology allows human beings to create innovation, explore unknown roads, and the CCTV documentary "Material Revolution" will take you approachable all kinds of materials, and explore how to hide the material under the surface. How to build From the world.

What can the most intelligent material in the world? The safest material can resist what kind of risk? What is the minimum material to do? What kind of use is the most robust material? The answers to these issues will gradually start in the "Material Revolution".

For example, looking for the most intelligent materials in the world, this is a type of reaction that is more sensitive and can make more complex reactions. Their appearance will give human new capabilities and constantly expand their own opportunities. do you know? There is a "self-healing" material, the oil tank uses the coating of "bulletproof jacket", can resist the rain, AK47 bullets will not leak; there is a "cross-composite wood" material to help the 1920s The construction of the building is from collapse in the earthquake … how, the sci-fi slice can not be alive!

Today, we feel modern civilization and progress in the steel forest of Human Hemon. In the future, we can’t help but make boldly, we will create anything we want to create anything we want, promote deeper scientific and technological revolution and industrial change.

Material Revolution

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"New energy source"

Release time: 2015

Collection: 4 episodes

Single set length: 45 minutes

Whether it is from economic, climate change, national security perspective, or global political perspective, energy is almost driving behind all events on the earth. With the deepening of the world’s energy crisis, people are increasingly urgently needing more renewable energy, such as solar energy, geothermal, wind energy, etc. In the future, new energy, this is not exhausted, and inexhaustible, non-polluting can be used, attracting the attention of the world.

Documentary "Future New Energy" puts energy into the international stage, describes the challenges of future energy from all angles to find a clean, unlimited, secure energy, and its transmission. From the sea oil drilling platform of the Mexico to Canada’s oil sand, from Washington to China, this show travels more than 30 places worldwide, at the end of the world, in the deep seabed, in high-precision science laboratories, visit Those windsmen in the development of the future energy-free mouth, tell the wonderful stories behind the development of energy.

Finding energy is not easy, as the most valuable goods in modern society, energy for social development, civilization continues with important value. How will you start if you give you a chance to develop blueprints in the future? In various dimensions such as economic benefits, social benefits, environmental benefits, the future energy development mainstream will flow?

The continuous development of science and technology promotes our spirit, and the material life is fully improved. When we are busy running in the real world, we should stop looking at, think, recognize the rich connotation and significance of the world’s surface.

"New energy source"

Wang Haoquan: It is not a scientist who changed the world. It is a scientific business family 丨 scientist entrepreneurship series 06

Monkeys have been difficult to evolve, and people become entrepreneurs. Scientists become uncomfortable.

2012 "Entrepreneur Magazine" has made a special planning, discussing "When scientists become entrepreneurs." This role will encounter a wide variety of problems. For example, when scientists / entrepreneurs encounter the system, encounter the market and encounter capital. We even summed up the "seven sins" of scientists. The reporter of "Entrepreneur Magazine" found that many scientists are "pseudo-entrepreneurship", many entrepreneurs "personality division", but in front of entrepreneurship, equal equality, scientists especially self-revolution.

In 2017, "Dr. Shui Dynasty" is sprinkled and wrote an 87,000 word "technology stagnation." Only for discussion: human science and technology levels come to the bottleneck, will face the stagnation of technology development in the future. He smashed the technology explosion and exploded by fireworks: the moment of fireworks explosion was beautiful and beautiful, but when people saw it, the explosion was close to the end.

I didn’t pay attention to Wang Yuquan to see his views on technology stagnation. But from interviews you can feel that he is a technology musician. Shortly after the interview, Wang Hao has conducted a lecture called "Technical and Cultural Symbolic Evolution".

This article is the sixth article, and the trend is related to the number of scientists. In response to technological innovation, technology companies, Wang Yizhen shared his observation and thinking from the two perspectives of supply.

From the perspective of demand, Wang Yizhen believes that the technology revolution roll forward. Behind every scientific revolution, breakthrough new technologies will lead the whole society to form a new growth paradigm and production paradigm. The steam technology revolution, the core of the power technology revolution is the problem of product scale. The third scientific and technological revolution is solved by the problem of service scale. At present, the global industry is in the early stage of service scale.

From the perspective of supply, technology has become more complicated. The realization of science and technology innovation is inseparable from the prosperity of industrial ecology. Industrial prosperity is the core industrial links have corresponding leading companies. Collaboration between them constitutes a prosperous industry. This or one of my country encourages the new reasons for developing specialty. "I have to buy" to realize a domestic substitute for a part, and it is difficult to establish a sound industrial ecology.

After talking about "service size", he even mentioned "creative scale". "Creative scale" can be achieved after "service size". In the context of Wang Yuquan, "service scale" corresponds to the information revolution. "Creative scale" belongs to "Creating Revolution", and mankind or will be able to get rid of evolution.

"Technology is changing the world of the times, everyone must bend into the office." Wang Yuquan said.

01 side of the coin: service scale

Before "serving sizes" is the "scale commercialization." "Scale product" is the trend of the two industrial revolutions appeared before the PC.

"Scale commercialization," can be traced back spinning jenny, rather than the Watt steam engine. Combined with the spinning jenny and water, rather than steam, allowing large-scale production of textiles is possible. Europe was the hydraulic power plant industrialized areas commonly used.

The story is this steam engine. Lift the steam engine, Watt had to bring. Watt improved the lives of more than 20 steam engine. In fact, Watts Industrial Revolution is not the most typical figure. Because of that era in the life of Watt, the steam engine has not been large-scale applications. Watt and before, there are a few people’s names should be remembered: Galileo’s student Torricelli, Boyle scientist, scientists Papin, the British army engineer Savery, Newcomen hardware merchant and Corey. Torricelli, Boyle pressure were found (1643), over the pressure of the gas is inversely proportional to the volume (Boyle 1662). Papin who served as Boyle’s assistant, he used the liquid boiling point with elevated pressure and elevated principle, in 1679 invented the world’s first pressure cooker, and published works of the steam engine in 1690.

Savery put pressure pumping principle with mine together, and learn the principles of Papin’s invention of the steam engine called "Friends of the miners of" pump. Hardware businessman Newcomen and Savery Corey is the fellow who helped make steam Savery pump model. They create the world’s first all-weather continuous operation, running costs are relatively low steam drainage machine – Newcomen engine, and patented in 1712.

1763 winter, the University of Glasgow purchased a Newcomen steam engine model for physics practice. Experimenter James Watt is responsible for maintaining it. The story behind it is written in the history books. Watt developed a prototype in 1768, patented the following year. After Watt improved the steam engine, brought a series of technological revolution, to promote the production of manual labor leap to power the machine.

The core of the industrial revolution in automation. Automated production of huge significance. During the interview, Wang Yuquan special emphasis on the fact that an easily overlooked:Those who built the first mill in the UK to become the richest person in Britain."Before the richest man in all kings, generals, are playing down. But the richest man is earned out. This is the first time the world has changed the rules of the game and you can become the richest man by money." "If you can not murder and arson will be able to make a profit two percent or three hundred, why do you want to murder and arson? "Wang Yuquan said.

After the discovery of this new way to get rich, we embarked on the entrepreneurial path. This road and the road is not a zero sum game. Entrepreneurs lead the way is not looting, but as much as possible large-scale production, will provide products to as many people to use.Since the industrial revolution, in fact, another identity is the world’s richest technology entrepreneurs.John D. Rockefeller bought out of oil refining technology, by investing in the construction of large-scale technology into practice. Now the world’s richest elon Musk (Elon Musk) also technology entrepreneurs. Elon Musk has optimized thinking typical of engineers. Musk has said: There is no rocket scientist, rocket engineer only. Because scientists made no rocket, engineers can build rockets. Wang Yuquan was approved this sentence. He also believes that promoting social progress are engineers, entrepreneurs, rather than scientists. "Section and technology are two different things children, Chinese scientists over-emphasized, because the technology is put together,‘Branch’ light stick ‘technology’, the real push society is ‘technology’.Because there are a lot of ‘technology’ is no ‘families’, but no ‘families’, technology is possible progress, but there is no ‘technical’, ‘branch’ on what did not. "

Large-scale automated production make the product possible. Although the product can scale to achieve the scale of production, but there is no way to meet individual needs. Before PC, then technology entrepreneurs is how to solve?The service to the product solidify in.Such as how to meet the needs of users iced watermelon? Sold to users is achieved by a refrigerator. The user’s own holding melon in the refrigerator, you can get iced watermelon. That user through the products and services it provides to its own. After the PC, the digital revolution began, and then after the Internet, mobile Internet era to today’s AI. Wang Yuquan judgment, has now entered the digital revolution to the end. Marked by artificial intelligence so that "the scale of service" as possible.

Specifically, the "service scale" on the premise that meet the individual needs of users, large-scale production of artificial intelligence can be replicated personalized service. "Service scale" What are the characteristics? Still iced watermelon, for example, users no longer want to refrigerators (product) but iced watermelon (service). The user is not concerned with the product (refrigerator) but to serve (iced watermelon). The needs of users (iced watermelon) are directly met. If the "service scale" to see Microsoft, Apple, you can see they are not the same. Microsoft to embrace subscription system, the original can be a one-time buyout of Office productivity software products become Office 365. Office 365 is equivalent to one kind of subscription service, or need to pay a monthly subscription fee per year. Apple is also true. Apple has a large number of mobile phone subscriptions APP is made. In early November this year, well-known application notes Notability sudden change from a subscription-based buyout system, and being on the hot search. In addition, Apple phone AppleCare + (US version), music, news, videos, etc. are subscription-based. The future, mobile phones will be priced less than the total value of the various services the user subscribed.

The service scale, the subscription system is being promoted, and the trend is visible. In the future, even the car can also use a subscription system. Essentially, users buy cars and buy transportation. One-time bought-in delivery cannot be personalized. From the perspective of the service, this approach has a shortcoming. If there are 3 vehicles in 10,000 vehicles, it is bad, it happens to be bought by Zhang San. So, what is the consequence of the car? This is unfair. After changing into the subscription, Zhang San pays for money, encounters the bad car, and the car enterprise can be replaced in time. In this case, Zhang San’s car will never be broken. Under the subscription, the vehicle enterprise needs to provide long-term services to our customers, while IOT equipment such as sensors will continue to monitor the vehicle to ensure uninterrupted providing of quality services.

"The rules of the whole time have changed." Wang Wei commented on the transformation from the size of the product to the scale of service. In the interview, he passed"The synergy of science and technology and culture makes people today"To further interpret the logic behind this shift. he thinks,Society is choosing technology, technology is also choosing society.What technologies need for society, it will make it vital. Conversely, technology is also choosing people. Because the society is not supported, it will not develop. For example, the Industrial Revolution makes the Britain strong, so that it exceeds China that is still in feudal society. The power of the United Kingdom is the result of the two-way selection. This is the same as rice and human society. This two-way selection is now continuing and continues in acceleration. The requirements and techniques of service scale and techniques are mutually selection, mutual promotion, and the era of human society into service scale.

Now, the service is in the early stage. But not all industries are suitable for service size. In the interview, Wang Yuquan talked about two industries. The catering industry currently has a service-scale seedlings. The training industry is difficult to achieve.

Catering, especially high-end catering, is difficult to make universal, and the Ford is so big. What is the reason? Unmatched. The higher the higher, the more difficult it is. Because the chef is top, the top is not significant. The original millet ecological chain vice president Tang Mu created a company called a smart. Such as shadow intelligence has created a kitchen robot. It is a fried steak’s arms robot. Wang Yuquan said that the service is to pass is an experience. The core of service is the copy of excellent experience. There is a classic misunderstanding for service size, "personalization is equal to good service", actually personalization is not equal to good service.

The robot is fried, and the product is solidified to the service to solve the scale, but the new problem comes, and how to let the dish for chain catering brands. Three years without changing dishes means that customers lose their freshness, but the cost of replacing menus is high. The dish will change the menu, change the chef, etc. But a chain restaurant using the cooking robot can be implemented by updating the software. While the ingredient is completed, the new dishes are instantaneously completed in all its restaurants. This means that the catering industry has the possibility of giant and Macon.

"The production logic of the gigabaters has changed. Previously, the logic of the giant Macro business was in a sufficiently large field; now, the logic of the giant Macro business is a big enough The field can provide a good high-end service. "Wang Yuquan said.

(Such as the smart kitchen robot)

The training industry is not suitable. IT and consulting combinations are not easy, because IT companies and consulting companies are different: consulting companies need a lot of manpower, customize different projects for different enterprises, unable to achieve rapid expansion; and IT companies or said a software company has Scale benefits and marginal benefits have the potential for rapid expansion.

Wang Yuquan team shared the most mysterious big data company of Silicon Valley. Even now, there are two main products in Palantir: Gotham (a large number of customized) facing business customers, and Foundry for business customers (more standardized, modular). At present, Palantir is still exploring the path of scale growth, stepping on the stairs between customization and scale. Wang Yuquan believes that artificial intelligence undoubtedly broaden the area of ??service scale and application range, but not all industries have a chance, if there is no chance in one field, you need to avoid it.

For individual companies, US groups calculate half of service-scale companies. Wang Yuquan believes that the current US group has achieved a certain degree of scale, but the weakness is delivering goods. Unmanned distribution is the direction of the current US group being explored. According to incomplete statistics, as of June this year, the US group drone has completed more than 220,000 flight tests, and the long-term length of 600,000 minutes, and the relevant orders for real users have completed 2500 orders. Wang Xing’s public speech in 2018 mentioned: In 2019, it will fully operate unmanned distribution.

2020 US group investment indoor distribution robot enterprise Purdue Technology. In addition to the partners of Purdu Technology, US Mission unmanned distribution platforms, there are autox, SEG Wei, Experimental technology, etc. The figure below shows the list of partners disclosed by the US group unmanned distribution platform.

(US group unmanned distribution platform disclosure partner)

In response to the exploration of unmanned distribution of the US group, Wang Haoquan believes that people have their own use in the age of service. Technical alternatives have two alternatives: one is an occupational alternative, an alternative to machinery, is also the most common practice. The other is occupational enhancement. Simple point, professional enhancement is that 1 person plus 5 machines can do 5 people. For example, Tesla electric truck. Tesla’s logic is not alternative, but the truck can be high-efficient and a driver can open three cars. Under the human machine, the complicated road conditions of automatic driving cannot be handled by people.

Drip is a "hard brother" of the US group."The tactics have become, the strategy is defeated"It is a review of Wang Yizhen to the drip. The new T3 travel made Wang Yizhen very emotion: "When did you see a industry, a rivers and lakes, and some people challenge you." This is becauseWhen automatic driving + electric vehicles come out, the travel industry has emerged.Only in the context of continuous curve, there is an endless newcomer challenge because the next corner has a chance to overtake. In the age of service, the burden of the drip lies in the ownership of the car belongs to the individual owner. Diards don’t have the right when accurate statistics and precise dispatch vehicles. But change has occurred. Last month, the US car rental company Hertz has decided to initially order 100,000 Tesla electric cars.

(Cloud Story Technology Hotel service robot "Xiaituz")

Yunu Technology is "excellent students" of Wang Yizheng recognized by Wang Yizheng. It is also an investment project of sea silver capital. In Wang Yuxi’s mouth, "Xiaolitz" is a cute word. In the hotel, especially late night delivery, "words" it is ignorant, not quietly, which can make guests feel safe. The robot of cloud lavage technology can independently complete the delivery of the delivery from the directive to complete the delivery. It can alleviate the "separation" of the front desk service personnel to a certain extent.

As a investor of cloud lavage technology, Wang Yuxi has enhanced valuation to the cloud of the cloud, and the venture capital negotiations: First, you admit that it does not admit that the future is a service robot? There is always a service robot to go to the community and the residents. Second, in addition to the cloud robot, you can’t find the second productive robot. The founder of Yunu Technology has joked: She is the largest labor outside the head. Because more than 10,000 machines are outsourced into the hotel.

However, Wang Yuquan, but I think she is the most "black heart" capitalist. "There is no salary to the robot. I am all taken."

The other side of 02 coins:Future layout technology industry ecology

The other side of the coin is the scientific industry ecology, on the side of the supply, echoes the changes in the demand side mentioned earlier. One of the changes is that the service scale makes some artificial opportunities for corner overtaking.

The chip industry has this opportunity. In 2018, the Science and Technology Daily has launched the "core technology that needs to be overcome". This column has been published in 35 reports. The first report reported behind the lagging status of the top lightning machine required for high-end chip manufacturing. my country is dispatched at the integrated circuit supply and demand gap. A large number of chips rely on imports. According to the statistics of the General Administration of Customs, in 2020, my country’s integrated circuit imports were 35.5 million US dollars, and exports were $ 116.6 billion. Its difference increased by $ 29.55 billion than $ 203.9 billion in 2019. If the exchange rate of $ 6.3787 yuan is converted to $ 188.43 billion, it is more than 2020 GDP 127.66 billion yuan than Tongliao.

China Chip businesses are in medium and low-end sectors, logic, storage and other high-end chips depend on imports in the global integrated circuit industry. High-end chip manufacturing mainly relying on the manufacturing equipment of the photolithography, the current cutting-edge momentary technology is monopolized by the Netherlands ASML.

The reason why the radiator in the chip field is over-vehicle, because with the rise of the new generation of artificial intelligence, the chip industry has a continuous curve. Just as mentioned in the example of the drip, only the chance of overtaking in a continuous curve. At present, the pattern of general computing chips represented by the CPU has been set, and China is more difficult to make a difference under the established pattern, but there is a chance to make breakthroughs in the special calculation chip field. A group of AI chip companies represented by Cambrian were currently rising. In fact, the opportunity of corner overtaking also appears in the fields of electric vehicles, power batteries. The photovoltaic industry is also a comprehensive leading industry through industrial ecological layout.

"From the perspective of development, when there is a major new technological change in the subverting industry, there is a chance to break the original technical monopoly, and there is also a chance to restruct an industrial ecology. This is precisely the later people with excellent anti-super chance."

(Professor Chen Yunyu, Professor Chen Yun, first released AI chip architecture in the world.

Wang Yuquan mentioned that the two years of China and the United States have also let the industry recognize the core of scientific and technological innovation is the core of the big country, the pursuit of a single indicator is leading, but the industry is not just a single business, but the entire industrial ecology. The strength comparison. As mentioned earlier is the only company in the world that produces high-end lightning machines, and is also a company that can support the company’s US semiconductor industry ecology based on SEMATECH (US Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Strategic Alliance). SEMATECH is a non-profitred R & D institution in 1987 that the US government has established a non-profit of the 14 largest electronic enterprises in native. These companies are taking into a collaboration together with the best research and development power, and joint attack on the core subjects in the electronics industry. $ 200 million in research funds per year, in which the US government and these 14 companies have taken half. The establishment of Sematech has promoted the industry’s internal mutual research and development and achievement sharing, and gradually established a complete industrial ecology, and the Japanese semiconductor industry has solved the "card neck" problem.

Then, how to build a scientific and technological industry ecology in the future of service scale

There are two main body of the industrial ecology, one is the enterprise, and the other is the government.

At the logic level of the enterprise, enterprises should abandon the traditional practice: each battle, trying to create a complete industrial chain inside the company, and fight the competitors and occupy the market share as much as possible. Wang Haoquan believes that industrial ecology is collaborative, it is common prosperity. If a tree covers the sun, it will be trimmed. Now, whether it is a big company or a "special new" company, we should consider what value can provide for the industrial ecology, what contributions can be made for society, but also guarantees good users’ privacy and interests.

At the government level, Wang Haoquan believes that the government should do, it is to cultivate a tropical rainforest, rather than transplanting a big tree.

So how should the Government create an industrial ecology?

The first is to find local features, to create industrial ecology (Qingdao longevity & Technology) has its own advantages.

In 2020, Wang Yuquan team and Qingdao cooperation from the image of the local infirmary of the Holy Land, around the rich Wellness infrastructure, a pleasant climate advantage, for "longevity" and "healthy" demand, to design a "longevity technology" eco-industrial development direction . By combing the key aspects of industrial clusters and industrial collaboration, the team found Wang Yuquan time-consuming and inconvenient problem of traditional health screening, judged by that this is a short board "longevity" industry. On the other hand large medical data companies lack a lot of data can be trained, so they introduce artificial intelligence medical companies Airdoc to Qingdao, get through the demand across the industry. At present, the first batch of 150,000 people of Qingdao have been quicker to enjoy health screening services. This is the docking requirements, new ways to complement each other, and a change in the past to use the money to "buy" investment approach business.

(Qingdao, images from the network)

From the Qingdao example, Wang Yuquan summarizes the key points of the layout of industrial ecology two places in the city: the first, for the future; second, not greedy.

Facing the future, it comes in front of "continuous curve", "turn to overtake," industrial cities should be future-oriented industrial layout. Wang Yuquan think cultivate ecology, should start from scratch, start from early intervention and find their own ecological position, do not think picking the fruit, not in order after ecological and other mature, cut directly into the ecology taking over someone else’s. This road has been demonstrated in the chip industry is not going to work.

"It is a technology any ecological product. Any of the N links have an ecological composition, this corresponds plate consisting of N ‘barrel’ Eco early, the plates are short, only the width of the other. With ecological maturity, these plates grow up together. complete means that a number of enterprises from ecological shortcomings become long board. "he reminded not to ignore the ecology of narrow boards, such as the chip industry this board though narrow lithography machine but it will be deprived of the chip’s "bucket" on the leak. "In the past we always stare at other people the widest plate (Qualcomm), invisible narrow board (lithography). The problem is that even if you put the widest board clutched in his hand, still did not control this ecosystem, because the narrow strip in the hands of people. people are not high-pass, but kill you with ASML. "

Greedy, Wang Yuquan mouth is in place plans for industrial common mistake. For example, after the AI ??fire, many cities have rushed to engage in AI. "We believe that artificial intelligence will not form a sufficiently large industry ecosystem in China more than five. If the domestic front row less than 5, do not play. The top five is a high probability the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Hang." Wang Yuquan said suitable What, and local resource endowments and capabilities closely related genes.

Second, setting up enterprise communication platform (Chongqing & electronics industry).

In 2008, the electronics industry in the Midwest is still a blank. From the perspective of industrial Chongqing foster integration starting around parts, raw materials localization, to build a collaborative platform between enterprises. Chongqing and HP docking first production needs, and with Foxconn confinements, final orders to Foxconn for HP’s 20 million units per year, the promotion of their joint investment to build production lines in August 2009. Then seven computer manufacturers and more than 1,000 settled in the surrounding parts factory support, forming a collection of machine parts production and integration, processing, research and development and settlement of the whole industry chain integration. Through research and discussion, Chongqing learned from the enterprise logistics and transport constraints on industrial development, the railway $ 100 per container / km price negotiations fell through the year 2015 to $ 0.5 / km and meet a few local million units of products to North America, Asia and Europe distribution needs.

Wang Yuquan said, Chongqing Municipality on local entrepreneurs to build communication platform efforts, regularly organized industry chain entrepreneur forum, docking and other industrial cooperation activities downstream, the use of these communication platform in time to help each depth docking enterprise needs, understand each other technical strength, shapeAs "the ability to circle" based on the local industry chain,When you need to quickly understand the willingness to cooperate with each other to achieve cooperation.

Third, improve the supporting collaborative system (Suzhou & Biomedical).

(Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, images from the network)

"Biopharmaceutical war has been more than half, Suzhou has win the game." Wang Yuquan said.

In fact, Suzhou foundation in the biopharmaceutical field is not thick. Turning point occurred in 2009. Suzhou Industrial Park in cooperation with famous American Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, local spending $ 1 million a year by the establishment of the International Conference on Cold Spring Harbor Asia platform, has in Suzhou and the surrounding hosted 130 international top level conference sessions, attracting the world from 60 20,000 passengers a number of countries participating scientists, including 22 Nobel Prize winners.

Office will greatly promote the rapid gather high-level personnel and attract new NUS Su Research Institute, Institute for Advanced Study at Oxford University (Suzhou) and other 18 international innovation cooperation platform floor, there are 12,000 foreign-related personnel to engage in Suzhou research and other related work. This not only allows Suzhou Asia-Pacific region has become the largest bio-pharmaceutical industry information distribution center, also required to meet the needs of biopharmaceutical companies and a large number of high-level personnel to quickly docking latest R & D results, local and therefore the emergence of a more than 1,600 biomedical companies. Ecological bio-pharmaceutical industry continues to prosper.

"What the industry needs to build pondering? Be wondering how this ecosystem can flourish. Rockery bonsai ecology is not dead, but a living rainforest, you need to think about how to make the metabolism, how to make the exchange of information, exchange of energy. These things are important. "(This article appeared in" John Doe "as a pseudonym)


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[4] Silicon Valley’s most mysterious Palantir, in the end is a consulting firm or IT company Global outlet. [2021-8]

Weima car smart driving again, OTA upgrade brings a new experience

Committed to creating a Weima car who can buy a smart car to buy a smart car, a L4-level unmanned production model Weimar W6, to solve the parking problem for the majority of users, so that smart cars better Serving users, truly doing technology among Ware.

Weima Apollo works with one of the world’s largest automatic driving open platforms that reflects the long-looking to artificially intelligent in new energy vehicles. In 19 years, Weima’s automatic driving assistance system, which is a real L2-level automatic driving assist system, so that more users and families can enjoy smart driving. Weima W6 is based on the user’s pain points to realize the L4 unmanned driver of parking scenes, equipped with AVP unmanned self-service parking system, which increases the intelligence of new energy vehicles. And the power of the domain OTA upgrade also makes the car recently have a new feeling after the first OTA upgrade, increasing the KTV, intelligent voice assistant’s upgrade, and the control increase function of Huawei negative screen. Subsequent, Weima W6 will be based on open HAVP (autonomous learning parking), through OTA upgrades online PAVP (high-precision). HAVP and PAVP are suitable for fixed parking space scenes and non-fixed parking spaces, and strong combination provides users with the most practical driver’s technology experience.

In the second half of the year, Weima car also released hardware and software more intelligent advanced Weima M7. It is reported that Weima M7 will also support unmanned domain, will automatically drive more upstairs. According to industry related companies, 2020 to 2025 will become a critical period of my country to high-end automatic driving, by 2030, it is expected to realize the height of the suburbs and urban roads, and it is expected to be fully automatic after 2035. Our life will also bring more changes because of technology.

Hippocampus | Mask: Humanity is very likely to live in a matrix game of higher civilized simulation

Mask’s "The Joe Rogan Experience" program hosted by comedian Joe Rogan, smoking and drinking, playing big treasure sword, can be said to be eyeball.

In fact, in the two and a half-hour podcast, Mask comprehensively answered his own values, especially the explanation of him firmly, "We live in simulation", think that human civilization is likely Like the game, it is part of many simulated civilizations.
Humans may live in oneHuge and advanced computer games

Mask’s "Matrix-Style Simulation" Theory is based on the fact that the universe has existed 13.8 billion years.
Because this universe has nearly 14 billion years of history, the history of human beings is less than 10,000 years, so this time is enough for other civilization. He believes that the older civilization is likely to be our Creator and compare real life as a progress in the past decades.
"From the statistical perspective, there is a possibility that there is a civilization in such a long time, and they have found a very credible simulation method. Once the situation exists, then they build their own virtual multiple space is just a time. The problem. "
In fact, many people have mentioned that many people think that this is true, can create this simulation experiment, and they like to create "toys", and even create the universe is possible, this It is the low dimension of human creature, like high dimensions, how they created, we can’t imagine, because human thinking is always on a certain basis, we are hard to break through.
Mask also said that the analogical arguments are very sufficient, and also remind us that we don’t try to speed up the evolution of civilization, otherwise it will make the boundaries ambiguous, so that civilization is ending.
"One of these two things will happen. Because we exist, we are likely to be in the simulation."
He said that if it is this situation, then "Basic Reality" "" Basic Reality "that is used to simulate our real life may be very boring.
This is not Mask’s first sharing this idea, and he said on the Recode’s Annual Code Conference in 2016: He said:
"In view of us, we are obviously unable to distinguish between games, and these games can be played on any set of top boxes or PCs and anything else, and there may be billions of such computers or devices, then we are in the foundation reality. The probability is only one hundredty-one. "
"40 years ago, we have" pong ", which is two rectangles and a point. This is the beginning of the game. For 40 years, we have 3D simulation, and millions of online games. And technology is still developing, We will have VR and AR world soon. "
Although I can imagine that all of us may actually live in a huge and advanced computer game, physicists are indeed attracted to this idea, and in theory, it can be at least a possibility.
In fact, in addition to Mask, many science and technology leaders are obsessed with simulation theory and invest hundreds of millions of dollars. The Silicon Valley, which is a pile of companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook, and is the forefront of studying in this regard.
In 2016, the incubator Y Combinator president Sam Altman’s "New Yorkers" said that the entire Silicon Valley, including him, is very obsessed with the concept of computer simulation. He said: "Many people in Silicon Valley are very obsessed with this simulation assumption. They think that the reality we experience is the computer generated. The billionaires in the two science and technology community have been secretly recruiting scientists, hoping to bring us from simulation Liberate. "
In an interview, Mask also reaffirmed his serious concern about artificial intelligence, this topic he publicly discussed many times.But for the risk of artificial intelligence, he feels that people’s attitude is still not paying enough.
He said that one of the performances of insufficient attention is that people ignore the integration of humans and technology, but this integration has been carried out in an amazing speed.
"You are already a semi-mechanic." He said, "iPhone is actually your own extension, but now you can control the extension items you control, such as mobile phones and computers, communication between the mobile phones, and the data rate is slow. "
Mask latest five major attention:The network is the projection of the ID

In this podcast, Rogan conversed with Mask’s two and a half hours, the topic mainly focused on five aspects:
1. Main dangers of artificial intelligence are human beings become a weapon
Mask has long been a warning for the dangers of artificial intelligence. In March of this year, he said in south of Southwest China that artificial intelligence is far more dangerous than nuclear weapons, and the government should take action to regulate the development of artificial intelligence.
Mask said that the main dangers are not artificial intelligence to human attack. "There is a tricky problem here, that is, it is very attractive to use artificial intelligence as weapons. The danger is in human beings use it." On the other part of the podcasts, China Mask also added, "I tried to convince people to slow down." Slow down the speed of artificial intelligence, but this is futile. I have worked hard for many years, no one listened. "
Luogen also said, "This seems like a movie, the robot will take over everything, and you are frightened."
"But no one listens" Mask said.

2. Soon the significant progress of neural connection technology can be announced
If you can’t beat Ai, add AI.
This is the basic argument of Mask.
He believes that the future of artificial intelligence is to find ways to fuse human and machinery. In some respects, we have done it now: smartphones can be considered to have its own extension.
However, this extension and artificial intelligence relationship have bandwidth problems.
"You can’t communicate with your fingers, because it is too slow." Mask said.
Our goal is to greatly improve our biological self and digital self-communication channels, which can be achieved by neural-link technology, which helps control the long-term evolution of human and artificial intelligence.
"From the long-term perspective, this is like the purpose of neural connection, which is created a high-band width brain interface so that we can symbio with artificial intelligence."
Masque has found NEURALINK, as for the latest progress of this company, he revealed: "We will have some interesting things to announce, at least a number of levels than anything, may be considered more than anyone Be good. "
He depicted a long-term vision for this technology: adding artificial cognition to the brain "A.I. EXTENSION OF YourSelf" – The cerebral skin and brain edge system forms a synergistic relationship.
3. The society is playing with the earth "crazy game"
Mask said that in the process of more sustainable energy transitions, electric vehicles should be important as soon as possible.
"We really play a crazy game about the atmosphere and ocean. We collected a lot of carbon from the depths of the ground, then release these carbon in the atmosphere, this is crazy. We should not do this, this is very To speed up the transformation of sustainable energy. It is obvious that in the long run, we will exhaust oil. The oil we exploit and combustion is only so much. We must have a sustainable energy transportation and energy infrastructure. .
We extract hundreds of tons of carbon from the ground and discharge it into the atmosphere and ocean. This is a crazy experiment. This is the most stupid experiment in human history. Why do we do this? This is too crazy. "
4. Network landscape is the projection of ID
Mask said that the most successful online platform is the platform that resonates with our brain edge system – part of the brain is responsible for emotion, stimulation and memory, and these systems, such as social media, the intelligence of the society The share of the share is getting bigger.
"Imagine all of these things, including that original motivation, all we like, annoying, scared things, are on the Internet, they are projected by our brain edge system."
5. Once artificial intelligence becomes dangerous, supervise it is too late.
Mask said that before the government truly began to supervise an industry, it needs to develop and implement many years. Taking the safety belt regulations in the automotive industry as an example, this provision actually takes 10 years.
"This time framework is independent of artificial intelligence, starting from dangerous moments, you are impossible (supervise it) 10 years. Too late."
However, when artificial intelligence reaches the so-called singular point, what happens, no one can say it.
"It’s hard to predict, just like black holes, what happens outside your line of sight. It may be terrible, it may be very great. It is still unclear. One thing is affirmative: We can’t control it."
Mask also admitted that he still hopes to make the best contribution to humans. "I would rather keep a mistake but optimistic attitude."

finallyLet’s talk about smoking and drinking the big treasure sword.
During the interview, Masque took a whiskey, but he also took a mariha, but he didn’t like to do this, because this would make him proud efficiency decreased.
"This is like pumping a cup of coffee," Mask said, "I like to do things well, also like useful things."
The program is recorded in California, according to local laws, smoking cannabis
Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t noise Mask has such an interesting point.

Apache TVM or will change the training method of neural network

In recent years, artificial intelligence procedures have been driving changes in computer chip design, while new computers also make new neural networks in artificial intelligence.There is a feedback loop in progress, very powerful.

Its core is to convert a neural network program to software technology running on a novel hardware, and recently being able to get powerful open source projects.

Apache TVM is a compiler that is different from other compilers.It is not a typical chip command that converts the program to a CPU or GPU, but is a Tensorflow (end-to-end open source machine learning platform) or Pytorch form, study the calculation operation in the neural network, such as convolution andOther conversions and identify how these operations are best mapped to hardware based on the dependence between the operation.

The core of this operation is an Octoml, which is a two-year start-up, providing ApachetVM service and helping AI operations in mlops.

In the latest developments of hardware and research feedback cycles, TVM optimization processes may have shaped all aspects of manual intelligence development.

Today, TVM is specifically used for reasoning, which can be seen as part of artificial intelligence, which is fully developed neural network for prediction according to new data. But in the future, TVM will extend to training, which is a process of developing neural networks.

Apache TVM "Refining"

"Training and architecture search in our road map." Octoml joint founder and CEO Luis Ceze said, here, he refers to the best network design by letting the neural network to achieve automatic design The process of neural network architecture.

Will the neural network developers use TVM to affect their training methods?

"If they have not yet, I suspect that they will affect their training methods." Ceze said. "Some people come to us to train, we can train models", while tracking the performance of the model after training.

The TVM and Octoml services continue to expand, because the technology is a broader platform than the compiler.

"Users can extend TVM and OCTOML into a flexible, ML-based automation layer is used to accelerate, run on various hardware running in the machine learning model." CEZE said: "Every one in these hardware, no matter which one, Have their own way of writing and executing code, writing code and figure out how to best utilize today’s hardware, can be handled by ML developers and hardware suppliers. "

This also means that compilers and services have replaced this manual tuning – "Today" in the reasoning level, the model is ready to deploy, "Tomorrow", may be practical to develop or train.

The key to TVM attraction is higher performance in throughput and delay, as well as computer power efficiency. This becomes more and more important for increasingly challenging neural networks that have become increasingly challenging.

"There are some models that use crazy computations." CEZE observed, especially natural language processing models, such as Openai’s GPT-3, they are extending to 10 trillion neurological weights or parameters.

With the expansion of these models, they will also bring "extreme costs". He said, "Not only training time, but also in service time, all modern machine learning models is true."

Therefore, if it is not "an order of magnitude" optimization model, the most complex model is not truly feasible in production, and they still have to study curiosity.

However, performing optimization using TVM involves its own complexity. "It is necessary to get results in the way they need, this is a heavy work." Ceze said.

Octoml simplifies things by making TVM more like a button event. "From the end user’s point of view, they upload models, compare models, and optimize values ??on a large number of hardware targets." Ceze said: "The key is automatic – no low-level engineers write code sweat and tears." So Octoml The development work is to ensure that the model can be optimized for increasingly hardware.

"The key here is to make full use of each piece of hardware. This means that the machine code is dedicated to a particular machine learning model on a particular machine learning model." Things typically convolutive neural networks may be optimized to accommodate specific hardware blocks of a particular hardware accelerator.

The result is proven. In the baseline test of the MLPERF test kit for neural network reasoning, Octoml’s reasoning performance of the ancient RESNET (residual network) image recognition algorithm can get the highest score.

Reflect the value of Octoml in cooperation

Since December last year, Octoml services have been in the forecast and preemptive experience.

In order to advance its platform strategy, Octomal announced earlier this month, it has obtained $ 85 million C-round financing from hedge fund Tiger Global Management and existing investors Addor, Madrona Venture Group and Amplify Partners. This round of financing makes Octoml’s total financing rate of $ 132 million.

This fund is Octoml efforts to spread ApachetVM to a growing AI hardware. Also in this month, Octoml announced the establishment of partnerships with British company ARM Ltd., which is being acquired by AI chip giants NVIDIA. Prior to this, the company announced its partnership with Advanced Micro Devices and QualComm.

In addition, the ARM partnership will extend the use of Octoml services to ARM CPU core licensed, the latter leads mobile phones, networks, and Internet of Things.

In addition to the design of the neural network, the feedback cycle may cause other changes. It may broaden the way ML’s business deployment method, after all, this is the meaning of mlops.

CEZE predicts that the technology can greatly improve the portability of ML services as optimized by TVM.

Since clouds provide various trade-offs for various hardware products, dynamic optimization can eventually be used for different hardware objectives, it means to be more flexible from one goal to another.

"From essentially, it is useful to extrude more performance from any hardware target in the cloud because it provides more target flexibility." CEZE describes it: "Can automatically optimize portability And portability provides a choice.

This includes any available hardware in the cloud configuration, but also includes hardware such as delay, throughput, and cost that happens to happen to the same SLA. "