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If someone tells you, the world around us is just an illusion, it is built in our minds, what will you feel?

If someone tells you that artificial intelligence can not only replace human work, but can you feel panicked in replacing human thinking?

If someone tells you, the inspiration you get from the gentle makes humans on the walls of the high-rise building as Spider-Man, are you interested in trying?

Such problems are not the imagination of Tianma, and the development of science and technology has made them become the possibility of reality. And the answers to these questions, several duckling documents can tell you.

Human brain research, life science, artificial intelligence, new materials, new energy … etc., The results of scientific research, not only the great invention creation since the 21st century, but also the combination of best creativity and best design, give us Cognitive the new perspective of the world.


"Deep into the brain"

Release time: 2015

Collection: 6 episodes

Single set length: 56 minutes

If someone says that the real world has no sound, no smell, no color, do you think he is challenging your common sense?

Following the story of David Eagleman, the ultimate puzzle in the brain was slowly launched. The human brain is called the most complicated thing found in the universe. In the past few decades, scientists have been constantly exploring these 3 pounds of gels, what happened, let us eventually become us.

The film is short and delicate. Each episode has clearly proposed a problem, with a large number of experimental examples, analyzes our brain and related consciousness activities in a variety of perspectives such as bioscience, awareness.

What is a reality? In the face of the information, brain input, output, processing from the outside world and gives it rich. Time sensation can be connected to memory. If "deep into the brain" tells you, the brain can "deceive" will, how much time is not a timepiece, but will, do you agree?

What is it shaped? It is the habit of gene, memory and from small acquisitions, and the Brain communication method, in shaping your emotions, personality and behavior.

Who is doing decisions? The subconscious, consciousness, and unconsciously constitute the rules of the internal body of the brain, but also affect each decision made by the brain. When you think that you "can’t help but help", it is unconventional or subconscious "manipulating" your brain?

How can I decide? The rheological and inductive part of the brain participated in the decision made by the brain, and the rational part is responsible for analyzing and cons., And the inductive part will make a decision directly under the subconscious role. When you face a major decision, "go deep into the brain" suggest you to avoid empty stomach and obeying intuition.

Why do I need you? The generation of prejudice, the interaction of groups means that population discrimination and persecution require more mutual understanding and transposition.

Who are we? The philosophical problem was successfully proposed. "What makes you?" What make up, what is the consciousness can be copied? Can a computer simulate a human brain? Is the human body can be extended? Come and find answers!

Our feelings, our beliefs and hopes, everything we happen in the brain. How the human brain creates a miracle slowly launched in the thinking narrative, revealing our ultimate story, and why we feel and think about what we do. "In-depth brain" combines scientific and innovative visual effects and fascinating personal stories, proposes and solves the six major problems. By understanding the human brain, we can get close to humanity.

"Deep into the brain"

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"Hello, AI"

Release time: 2019

Collection: 5 episodes

Single set length: 20 minutes

Starting from the famous "Hello, World" in the computer program language, human beings have been in greeting constant updated iterative computer technology, "Hello, Ai" is a friendly greetings from the world’s most eye-catching artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence, English abbreviation is Ai, a branch of computer science, is a new technique for developing intelligence, methods, techniques, and application systems for simulation, extension and expanding people. science.

Is it still a foggy water? Don’t understand what AI is? This "Hello, Ai" is finished, you will understand!

"Hello, Ai" is divided into 5 episodes, divided into five themes "Mars Plan", "Activation History", "Natural Syndrome", "Evolutionary Boat", "Future Vision", showing AI in cultural heritage protection, Save endangered species, overcome medical problems, explore the applications in multiple application scenarios such as universe, and explore the relationship between artificial intelligence and human development.

In the concentration of "activation history", AI replaced "new equipment" to the record work of more than 700 caves in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes. History is activated like this! AI combines image collection technology, erosion with sand, runs, records each frame of Dunhuang historical cultural relics, every wiping color; add AI to drone, you can provide full The angle image collection, automatic generation of repair recommendations, to the Chinese historical business cards to the vicissitudes of the broken wall; AI can also include a few ethnic languages ??that disappear … As the science and technology AI, it is not a cold object with no feelings. It is a high energy helper in human life.

15 people’s true stories involving 77 people, 43 institutions, launched 119 days, footprints over more than 30 domestic and international cities, across the Asia, Europe, America, non-4 continents, minimum shooting temperature minus 40 degrees … five The 8K documentary "Hello AI" is divided into different applications in different applications. From the perspective of artificial intelligence and human development, artificial intelligence to help and change human life.

This is not only a history of creative technological progress, but also a journey full of love and warmth; this is not only a scientific blockbuster, but also a history of time, close to life, and I am connected to you.

"Hello AI"

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Material Revolution

Release time: 2016

Collection: 4 episodes

Single set length: 52 minutes

From the stone era, every major breakthrough in materials science and technology will cause the revolution of production technology and greatly accelerate the process of social development. Imagine that the building can withstand the test of the earthquake, the bacteria can secrete gasoline, miniature equipment can help us repair damaged cells or even DNA, spider silk can withstand the entire bridge, the elevator can let us live straight. When you can also have the artificial "super power" of Spider-Man, do you change whether the views of the world will change?

These prospects for future prospects are based on today’s exploration and discovery. A new material science, from the most basic unit that makes up all things in the universe. The continuous innovation of materials technology allows human beings to create innovation, explore unknown roads, and the CCTV documentary "Material Revolution" will take you approachable all kinds of materials, and explore how to hide the material under the surface. How to build From the world.

What can the most intelligent material in the world? The safest material can resist what kind of risk? What is the minimum material to do? What kind of use is the most robust material? The answers to these issues will gradually start in the "Material Revolution".

For example, looking for the most intelligent materials in the world, this is a type of reaction that is more sensitive and can make more complex reactions. Their appearance will give human new capabilities and constantly expand their own opportunities. do you know? There is a "self-healing" material, the oil tank uses the coating of "bulletproof jacket", can resist the rain, AK47 bullets will not leak; there is a "cross-composite wood" material to help the 1920s The construction of the building is from collapse in the earthquake … how, the sci-fi slice can not be alive!

Today, we feel modern civilization and progress in the steel forest of Human Hemon. In the future, we can’t help but make boldly, we will create anything we want to create anything we want, promote deeper scientific and technological revolution and industrial change.

Material Revolution

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"New energy source"

Release time: 2015

Collection: 4 episodes

Single set length: 45 minutes

Whether it is from economic, climate change, national security perspective, or global political perspective, energy is almost driving behind all events on the earth. With the deepening of the world’s energy crisis, people are increasingly urgently needing more renewable energy, such as solar energy, geothermal, wind energy, etc. In the future, new energy, this is not exhausted, and inexhaustible, non-polluting can be used, attracting the attention of the world.

Documentary "Future New Energy" puts energy into the international stage, describes the challenges of future energy from all angles to find a clean, unlimited, secure energy, and its transmission. From the sea oil drilling platform of the Mexico to Canada’s oil sand, from Washington to China, this show travels more than 30 places worldwide, at the end of the world, in the deep seabed, in high-precision science laboratories, visit Those windsmen in the development of the future energy-free mouth, tell the wonderful stories behind the development of energy.

Finding energy is not easy, as the most valuable goods in modern society, energy for social development, civilization continues with important value. How will you start if you give you a chance to develop blueprints in the future? In various dimensions such as economic benefits, social benefits, environmental benefits, the future energy development mainstream will flow?

The continuous development of science and technology promotes our spirit, and the material life is fully improved. When we are busy running in the real world, we should stop looking at, think, recognize the rich connotation and significance of the world’s surface.

"New energy source"