ZTE: The meaning of 5G upgrade

With the arrival of the 5G era, people look forward to 5G to refresh the "speed" miracle. The need for network speed is the meaning of 5G upgrade. ZTE presents us to deal with the network needs of political enterprises, operators and consumers, so that 5G upgrades really have its meaning.

From the industrial field, Xu Ziyang, President of ZTE, pointed out in 2021 China 5G + Industrial Internet General Assembly, "5G is an IABCDE (Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Edge Calculation) Evolution Upgrade Core catalyst.

5G as a catalyst, upgrade 5G is very important for companies with "low delay" demand.

In the field of electricity, ZTE has cooperated with the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau. On the one hand, inspections through the 5G network drone and amphibia robots; on the other hand, under the low-delay in the 5G network, the operator can be more timely, meticulous During the manipulation of drones and amphibians, avoiding the risk of operational or timely operation.

In the field of energy, ZTE and industry partners, jointly build a platform for "underground in the well in the well, and to help the sea, the coal mines continue to promote the intelligent mine construction process," full-knowledge, all joint , Full intelligence "smart mine.

From civil engineering, 5G applications are closely related to our lives. In the aviation field, ZTE introduced 5G ATG road interconnection program, build a special network coverage of horizon, solves super high-speed and super high-altitude signal coverage and access issues, so that we are also in "Cloud" You can enjoy custom services such as entertainment, office, and telemedicine.

In the commercial sector, ZTE combined with Hunan Telecom completed the large-scale verification and deployment of the 5G SSB 1 + X Advanced Stereo Evolution Program in Changsha, so that the 5G signal successfully covered every corner of the high-rise building of the main city, you will feel 5G "Speed".

People need 5G, and in the future, they will play 6G and other special names that represent speeds, and ZTE has never stopped in the process of 5G to 6G, and I hope that ZTE can bring us more More surprises. (Oriental Network)