The same thing, Xiaomi, Huawei’s view is very different, netizen: This is the pattern

Xiaomi executives, always call the words on Weibo.

On November 26, the Xiaomi Executive Wang Tengfa Weibo, which was certified as Redmi Products Director, said in Communication Street in Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Road. He found that many friends shop don’t operate, and Xiaomi has opened two shops this year. Invite Zhengzhou consumers to pay attention.

However, Zhengzhou local netizens found that Wang Teng said, "Friends store in the business", "actually moved to dozens of meters, not to operate, so there are netizens to spit millet double standard:" Friendship relocation, said People can’t operate; move their own way, say to the optional optimization. "

Speaking of this, in fact, these contents are nothing, after all, executives are also people, maybe he really doesn’t see the relocation notice.

But the next microblog, but saw the different business philosophy of Xiaomi, Huawei’s two companies, or the difference in executive patterns.

In Weibo on November 28, Wang Teng briefly elaborated the layout concept of Xiaomi’s market development, saying that Xiaomi has been seeking to do in the new model, rather than "Gao Ma profit, relying on the store "Traditional line mode.

To put it bluntly, Xiaomi wants to explore the business strategy of the market in the market, and the development methods of the traditional line market are not very strong.

In contrast, Huawei is a lot of modest to treat the market. As early as 2016, a "OPPO and Vivo" War "triggered a fierce discussion in Huawei, for OPPO, Vivo’s online market layout, and learned.

Soon, this article was not seen, specifically wrote: "Terminal is too great. To learn from all outstanding people, truly criticize yourself, it is already great. Whether you are really modest, false and humility, I sincerely say that you are great, you are our hopes, hope to pin it on you. The world must be yours. "

It is also since 2016, Huawei achieves rapid growth through the market experience of OPPO, Vivo learning line, helping Huawei to win the Chinese market for many years.

The same is to treat OPPO, VIVO’s online market development strategy, Xiaomi wants to find another way, find new development methods; Huawei wants to learn, learn their excellent development experience.

So, what do you see?

Medical Health Industry Weekly | Micro-Clun Artificial Intelligence Strategic Investment Mouthwash Brand "Respiratory Ocean"; China’s first full magnetic suspended artificial heart approved

In recent years, the innovation of medical and healthy industry has continuously emerged, and it has developed one of the most active industries, 36 witness and accompanying the growth of innovative enterprises in this field, and bringing professional voices to the industry.

To this end, 36 has launched the "Medical Health Industry Weekly", which will be issued regularly, providing readers with capital, policies, finance, new products and other industry information.

November 28, the medical health industry weekly, please check. The industry weekly reported the financing news reported by the "36 Venture Channel" in the medical and health field of this week, as well as other domestic and foreign industry news.

  • Micro-cloud artificial intelligence strategy investment mouthwash brand "breathing ocean"

The mouthwash brand "Respiratory Ocean" has obtained Micro-cloud artificial intelligent investment. It is reported that this round of financing will be used in the offline channel development. "Respiratory Ocean" focuses on the field of mouthwash, according to the introduction, its first product adheres to the alcohol-free partner, using mild antibacterial submethum, adding citrus lemons, etc., pregnant children can also use. According to company founders Luo Xiaobai, "breathing ocean" is currently sold through e-commerce channels, and has not yet been provided.

36 first | strategic investment mouthwash brand "breathing ocean",? Micro-cloud artificial intelligence accelerated layout oral market

  • "Winter Thunder" won the 200 million yuan C wheel investment in China

The Winter Leader Group (hereinafter referred to as Winter Lisco), which is built by the doctor group, has completed the 200 million yuan C wheel financing, which is exclusively investing by China. It is reported that the Winter Lead will use this financing fund to accelerate the strategic landing of "one-piece two wings", and implement the brain physical hospital + full life cycle brain health management + brain science research and platform hatching strategic model. This round of financing is a exclusive financial adviser by Yikai Capital. Winter Lisco was founded by Professor Song Dongley, chief physician, Huashan Hospital, Fudan University, from 2015, has developed from 2015 to the present, by 2019, has realized Shanghai Winter Thunder Hospital entities.

36 first | Social doctors continue to be recognized, "Winter Thunder" won the Chinese 200 million yuan C wheel investment

  • Art Miao Shenzhou completed hundreds of millions of dollars strategic financing

Beijing Yimomiao Shenzhou Medical Technology Co., Ltd. completed hundreds of millions of D round strategic financing. This round of financing is jointly participated by the National Souven-Health Fund lead, Guangfa and Shuishu, and Yajie Angel, as well as the company’s existing investor countries, and Longmen Fund continued support. This financing fund will be used to accelerate clinical promotion pace and commercial production and development, and promote the company’s IM19 has become the first domestic self-developed cell drug while expanding product line representing solid tumors and UCART.

  • Micro-long gene completes 300 million yuan D round financing

Guangzhou Micro-long gene declares D round financing of total amount of 300 million yuan. This round of financing has been brought to many old shareholders such as Boxing Investment, the front wheel leader and Dinghui VGC, and the funds raised by the financing will mainly use the product development and upgrade, medical device product registration, industrial chain layout and other strategies. direction.

  • Reading Technology completes hundreds of millions of yuan A + round financing

The reading science and technology announced the completion of hundreds of millions of yuan A + round financing, and the investors included Daxie Capital, Rongquan Ventures, Tianshi Capital, and Shanda Group’s Investment Fund. The fundraising funds will be used to accelerate the multi-product parallel R & D, China and American clinical trials and commercialization. At present, the reading technology has developed a variety of cardiovisual and brain-based imaging assistance, including the first CT-FFR product pulse? Completed China’s clinical trials, it is expected to receive NMPA III medical equipment registration certificates in 2022 , FDA certification and the US clinical trial process have also started. Software shadows in full-heart function evaluation, relying on DSA images to complete software silhouettes of coronary vessel morphology and functional analysis, cerebrovascular physiological function assessment software skull? Successful innovative products have also entered the clinical trial stage.

  • Rui Rui bioreases PRE-A round financing

Beijing Rui Rui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. announced the completion of nearly billion PRE-A round financing, from Chen De Capital, Shaanxi Growth, Sunshine Ronghui, Chang Development and other institutions, the old shareholder Anlong Fund added investment sustained support. This round of financing funds will be used in a number of clinical line proposals, including HPV-positive cervical cancer and head neck tumors, KRAS G12V mutant colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer, TCR-T cells, and related TCR proteins Drug products.

  • Class 1 Biological New Drug Enwali single anti-injection liquid (KN035) obtains attachment approval

Corning Jerry and the Thoughts Di Pharmaceutical, the first class of creatures reached a strategic cooperation in the prognosis of the pharmaceutical cooperation (KN035) has been approved by the attachment. The adaptation approved by the Enwali monocker is: adaissions for adults in adults in adults (MSI-H) or mismatch repair gene defective (DMMR), non-removable or metastatic microsateree, Internal patients with advanced colorectal cancer in patients with disease progression after treatment with fluorouracil, O’Soliplatin and Ilikang and other advanced solid tumors in which disease progression and no satisfactory have no satisfactory replacement treatment plan.

  • Guangzhou Shunjian Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. 1 type of innovation drug Orebetni tablets approved

The 1 type of innovative drug declared by Shunjian Biomedical Technology, Orebet Niibi has been approved in the recently approved. The drug can be used to treat any tyrosine kinase inhibitor resistance, and use a fully verified detection method to diagnose chronic myeloid leukemia chronic or accelerated adult patients with T315i mutations. This variety is a drug in China to approve chronic myeloid leukemia indications with T315i mutations.

  • Idea Conservylowali single anti-injection is approved

Enwo Lee Anti-Note (Commodity Name: Enva) by Sichuan Sichuan Cori Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been approved by the priority review approval process. This approved adaptation is: treatment for adult advanced solid tumor patients with non-resection or metastatic microsatellite height unstable (MSI-H) or mismatch repair gene defective (DMMR), including past fluorouracil, Other advanced solid cancer patients with disease progression after treatment after treating diseases, and past treated diseases and other advanced solid tumors in which disease progression and satisfactory replacement treatment regimens were treated.

  • Yusheng Medicine Original 1 Class New Drug Orebet Niki is approved

Yosheng Medicine Original 1 New Medicine Orebati (Commodity Name: Nelg) was approved for the treatment of any tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) resistance, and diagnosed with fully verified detection method Adult patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) or an acceleration period (AP) with T315i mutation.

  • CCD CHENCKEK? Get a batch of leukemia for treating chronic myeloid

Cinda Original 1 Class 1 New Drug Orebati (Olverembatinib, Product Name: Ekima) officially approved by the China National Drug Administration ("NMPA") for treatment of any tyrosine kinase inhibitor ("TKI") drug resistance, and uses a fully validated detection method to a chronic period (CP) or an acceleration period (AP) adult chronic myeloid leukemia ("CML") patient with T315i mutation. This is the sixth product approved by the company, as well as the second approved small molecule product.

  • Junshi Biological anti-PD-1 monopoly anti-batch nasopharyngeal carcinoma

The PD-1 inhibitor of Junshi Biological R & D Tripili Anti (Duo) New Indications has been approved. This approved new indication is: Tripili combined withdrawal treatment for recurrent metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) of the late line unreachable systemic treatment. This is also the fourth indication of Tripili combined in China after melanoma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma (three-wire treatment) and urinary tract.

  • The front line | Start large-scale prospective study, 鹍鹍 生物 癌 早 早 早筛 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 商 商 商 商 商 商 商 商

36 learned that Shanghai Yuyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. jointly established and Shanghai International Human Phenotheracery Research Institute, and China’s 11th National Top Hospital in Shanghai, China. Screen research.

It is reported that the proposal study of the premature proposal of the inner carcinoma is expected to be more than 60,000 people, covering 10 provinces and municipalities in East China, North China, South China, Southwest.鹍 鹍 生物 自主 自主 的 癌 早 早 产品 早 早??? 商 商 商 商 商 商 商 商 商 商 商 商 商 商 商 商 商 商 商

In addition, the "Welfare Plan" expert committee was published by Wang Chen, Wang Chen, Chinese Academy of Medical Science, Academician, Nanjing Medical University, Academician, Zhongnan University, Zhou Hongqi, Zhongnan University, Shanghai Branch Zhao Guoshan, Academician, Shanghai Branch, School of Health, Fudan University, Taizhou Health Science Research Institute 30 more than 30 Top expert consists …

  • The front line | The first full magnetic suspension artificial heart was approved by the city, and the artificial organ entered the harvest.

On November 26th, the artificial heart R & D enterprises were in concentric, and the new generation of all-magnetic suspended artificial heart CH-VADs with complete independent intellectual property rights was officially approved.

It is reported that this is the first domestic artificial heart with NMPA approved by China, and has obtained many patents in China and the United States. It will bring hope for patients with heart failure in China.

With the advancement of medicine, the incidence of a variety of cardiovascular disease is greatly reduced, but as a final development stage of various heart diseases, cardiac failure has become the only disease in the field of cardiovascular disease …

Editor: Don Yu Ting