Mobile dining car, mobile shop will be the next red capture network traffic

? Where the Chinese, there is a small street vendors who sell food, living debris, various arts and crafts, and even household appliances, but also provide a simple life of service, for example shaved, the Brothers and the like; in Thailand, Vietnam plenty of water and other natural city, Floating market with local characteristics are more common, the vendors will sell with the water in the river through the town on fresh produce, crafts, etc. on the board; and in the United States, there are street food special name –food truck. These mobile retailers are not subject to a fixed position to satisfy consumers in different parts of those targeted consumer demand.

After the retail business to a certain level, it melted mixed nostalgic atmosphere of the new business model – mobile business, back to modern and innovative form of our lives, in an old kernel and the new form of quantum leap for the public " retail Business "stereotype, so that the soul of the business" move "again.

Mobile Business TIPs:

Mobile shops to ensure creative must also take care of the consumer experience. In addition to the shape novelty to consumers outside the shop comfort is also important, therefore, operators should always pay attention to the ambient temperature inside the store and around; in-store lighting is also important to ensure adequate store, proper lighting; fire, separated heat and other safety measures are equally important.

Trolley Cafe

Wheelys Cafe

Cafe on the three-wheeled cart? Not a joke, this unique brand is Wheelys Café, as a multi-functional environment-friendly mobile coffee vehicles that operate on a bicycle cafes, this "cafe" compact but fully functional, can provide soft drinks, coffee, juice, fruit, chocolate bars and small cakes and other foods.

The eye-catching red and white minimalist style is very eye-catching. In addition to stylish appearance, this cafe-tech uncompromising. Roof solar panel power and wind power generators supplying the entire mobile coffee car, the car comprising a freezer, coffee maker, and a display three mobile greenhouse fresh coffee plants. Even comes with an air filtering device, ambient air purge over 6500 cubic meters per day. Coffee grounds can be used with an appropriate fertilizer cultivation of indoor plants.

Compared to a coffee brand, Wheelys looks more like a technology company. Stylish appearance, ultra-small body mass, full-service, all kinds of eco-technology …… popular tags allowed while eye-catching, harvesting a truly "small is beautiful" brand image. The Wheelys has gone through four versions, Wheelys3 already advanced version comes with wifi, as well as greenhouse cultivation of coffee beans and control the temperature of the Android system. Currently, the latest version of Wheelys Green Warrior is still in crowdfunding.

Wheelys founder is Thomas Mazetti, Cafe flagship hand to make coffee, there are as many as 10 varieties of coffee, as well as 30 kinds of drinks and snacks. Join the brand’s business must also purchase the same ingredients, while encouraging local conditions: for example, Jordan Wheelys sell Turkish coffee.

Full-service Wheelys Cafe not only cost low enough, also follow a regular business hours, and select only the large flow of people, "stall", saving the customer time to buy. Due to low-cost mobile cafe (coffee a car only $ 3499 ~ 6999), is characterized by low barriers to entry, a safer business model, franchisees can extract 95% of revenue. But the disadvantages can not guarantee the safety of food.

Wheelys Café investment by the famous business incubator Y Combinator, there are currently 315 coffee car distribution in 51 countries and regions, in Shanghai China has achieved floor.

Container Store

Container Store has several decades of history, in the field of mobile shop can be described as enduring classic device, the container is small, but perfectly formed. What container shops can sell? From the most common desserts, ice cream, to clothing, accessories, only you think, no container can not. It turns out that a beautifully designed container can be placed goods absolutely beyond your imagination.

Richard Chai

Fashion designer Richard Chai container shop is located at New York’s High Line park in Manhattan, designed by Snarkitecture, the entire decoration shop only cost five thousand dollars. The shop designed by architect and artist Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen, they create a meandering surface with plastic foam to create "ice" style space very futuristic. All the works were done by hand, using only the heater wire.

There are also many brands in other industries or fields, often choosing such stores:



Route shop


During the modified AirStream ride, there is a neat display and accessories. Designer Thierry Gaugain is responsible for the modification of the car, uses the recycling wooden board to lay the ground, can splicing the shelf and retro element decoration, so that there is a flavor in the car.

Tactile Coffee

Los Angeles gathered a lot of specially popular boutique cafés, and even looking for a guide to Los Angeles Cafe Food Tourism Guide. Many coffee owners want to occupy a status here. Tactile Coffee appears in a unique way, this different mobile coffee dining car is created by Mike and Eric Yi. This moving coffee cart in the weekday docked above the neighborhood of Fashion District. Currently fixed business base is Towne & 10th and Towne & 12th blocks.

Handsome matte black trucks shape, the window of the car can open, semi-active dining car, daily business place and business hours are different. But don’t worry, the merchant will make propaganda on the official Instagram in advance, remind customers to buy coffee locations and time every day, just pay close attention, it is very interesting. Occasionally in the park, occasionally on a certain street, occasionally free coffee, drink a cup of coffee is not easy. That kind of mood seems to go to Hong Kong every time, I hope to meet mobile ice cream cars.

Their coffee beans have selected the famous Counter Culture Coffee in the third wave of boutique coffee, from the concentrated coffee drink to the drinking of various concentrated syrup, there will be special spices tea CHAI.

Eric Yi in one of the boss has also been trained in Los Angeles’s most famous French chef Ludo’s restaurant, so the quality of coffee is still guaranteed.

Mobile cinema

A small team "BRUIT DU Frigo" composed of architects, urban planners, artists and photographers, using simple pinhole, and wooden trolley combination, forming a simple mobile cinema. This mobile cinema will show a length of 10 minutes in length, and you can accommodate two people. The principle of its operation is: The movie will enter the door of the small wood house, and the eyes are gradually adapted to the dark environment. The imaging window of "Cinema" is opened, and the outside scene is projected on the screen in the wooden house. The design team also includes a movie guides, and helping the sound and audible, moving "Cinema" to interesting new venues. In this way, "movie" can watch different "movies".

The design of this device is to make people noticed daily sights that are easy to ignore in their lives.

There is also a new portable mobile carrier, and the product variety carrier is novel.

Xinyi Tong Intelligent Dining Car Technology Co., Ltd.

XYT High Tech Dining Car Crop.



Address: No. 3-1, Jinde Road, Fragrant Community, Hangcheng Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen



Moving store features:

· Close closer to actual consumption, minimize the distance between buyers and sellers, saving consumers to store time and transportation;

· Flexible mobile phone in business places, can be moved, transform the transaction location;

· With the tract of passenger flow, the sales of mobile commerce sales is guaranteed or even extended;

· The business form is rich and diverse, and it can maintain a fresh sense for a long time;

· The decoration cost is low, you can make diligence;

· Highlighting creativity and attracts the public.

Everything in the world seems to follow the laws of circulating forwarding forward, whether it is fashionable or natural, modern business has experienced the road of "returning to the true and simple" after experiencing brilliant legendary development.

The trend and trend are always circulating development. Nothing is really avant-garde, and it doesn’t matter to absolute. The modern mall is booming, which greatly meets the needs of the public’s leisure consumption. However, after the homogenized MALL is more surprised, do you have a moment of retreat, walk along the street, such as a vendor along the street, that is a rare and hopeful, under the modern society It was squeezed with the charm of "feelings". This change of the public allows for shopping centers, department stores, or by digital technology in the virtual world, and they were put into containers, and they were put into the container. Go to the cart, even just put it on a print canvas or shopping basket, for the people to browse, attract people to stop, in the eyes of the circle, between the hands of the joy, the goods are found in the most natural form Suitable belongings.

Today, these traditional mobile retail modes with distinctive times or geographical characteristics retro to our horizons in a new way. We advocate free breath, the store is the same. Who said that the shop selection is fixed? It is a crowd to tend to store, and in the mobile business field, "address" can be rapidly changed, and the store tends to people. The store is the best business model because of people. In such a new business model, consumption is randomly born, there are "unexpected" business opportunities everywhere, and future consumption network is red, which belongs to these more aging and changing goods suppliers. Let us look forward to, in addition to nostalgia, mobile shop will give us a surprise.

Yuancai "new track" broke out! 8 "virtual people" top faucet, relieved!

The Yuan Universe is the next generation of Internet revolutionary interactions. The Yuan Universe is parallel to the real world, providing an open virtual world of games, shopping, social immersion experiences. In the stage of moving Internet traffic, the number of users is weak, and the Yuan Universe is the current focus of the technology company.

Today, the speculation of the Yuan universe, and pushing up new, the virtual man became the top theme today. It is estimated that many stockings are foggy, what is "virtual person"?

The virtual person is actually a virtual person with digital shape. If it is difficult to understand, it can also be seen as a similar Taobao, the smart customer service in the Jingdong background, but only in the video manner. This year, Double Eleven Shopping Festival, quickly realize the virtual anchor "Xiaofang" live band; Tencent cloud launched a new intelligent product matrix based on new generation multi-modal interaction technology, Tsinghua University Virtual Student, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University Ice is also a beautiful virtual person.

From the industry market space, the data shows that the size of China’s virtual idol core market is 3.46 billion yuan, which is expected to reach 6220 million yuan in 2021; 2020 virtual idol drive the surrounding market size of 64.56 billion yuan, expected to be 1074.9 in 2021 100 million yuan.
The city’s universe is still far away, some is somewhat deficient, but virtual human development has matured, and it is also important to become an important tissue part of the Yuancosian.
Regardless of the Yuanyuan or the virtual person, it is currently the concept of the concept. The hype is the future imagination, and the performance is still far away. The speculation of the Yuan Universe has spread from the game that has just started, which is a multi-segment area, which is a common phenomenon of super subject. New energy vehicles are also spreading from the initial lithium ore, lithium battery, upstream materials to components and chips.

8 "virtual people" top faucet

1, blue cursor

Beijing Blue Cursor Data Technology Co., Ltd. is a public relations consulting service and advertising service. The core business is to provide brand management services and advertising design, production, proxy, release business, and to undertake exhibitions. In 2019, the company’s founding strength continued to obtain the industry height recognition, and won the golden offer the audience award, the IN2 Sabre Awards Gold Award, Times Golden Image Award Best Visual Design, etc. More than 100 innovation top awards.

2, Sichuan Media

The main business of Sichuan News Net Media (Group) Co., Ltd. is a new media integrated marketing, mobile information service, interactive TV business. The company’s main products and services are publicity and promotion services, online public opinion services, advertising agency operations, technical services, mobile news information dissemination, mobile phone report value-added services. The company’s "Spicy Community" has also been rated as a "China Internet Site Brand Column (Channel) recommended by the State Council Information Office and China Internet Association.

3, beautiful culture

Msusheng Cultural Creative Co., Ltd. is closely related to the cultural industry and is committed to the cultural industry related business. Since the company’s listing, based on the original animation derivatives, the company focuses on the upstream business, improve the industrial chain, in the cultural industry chain, including anime, games, film and television, derivatives, etc., the strategic layout, and implement the transformation and upgrading, preliminary The construction of the cultural ecotrial circle of "Self-owned IP + Content Production + Content Distribution and Operation + New Media Operation + Derived Development Design + Online Retail Channel". The company’s products mainly include services such as IP derivatives, animation, games, film and television products and operations such as light game service platform business.

4, Mango Super Media

The main business of Mango Super Media Co., Ltd. is mainly composed of three parts of the new media platform operation, new media interactive content production and media retail.

5, Jiecheng Shares

Beijing Jiecheng Century Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engage in new media copyright operations, film and television content production and distribution, audio and video technology services and digital education cloud platform construction. The company’s main products include media asset management system solutions, high standard cleaning, non-editing network solutions, all-stage multi-heterogeneous network solutions and all-Taiwan unified monitoring and monitoring solutions.

6, Fangzhi Technology

Shenzhen Fangzhi Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in research and development and sales of primary and secondary school synchronous education software and providing online online services. With the experience of information technology accumulated for many years, the deep understanding of teaching, management, discipline in-depth integration and education teaching needs, the use of mobile interconnection, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., established advanced resource management operation platform, effective Teaching methods and information technology organically combined.

7, Zhen Electronics

The main business of Shen Si Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the identity certification business, industry deep-cultivation business (financial industry, security industry, medical industry), artificial intelligence business (Shen Siyun, single AI products, and AI cloud service solution). The company’s main products are ID card reading equipment, mobile exhibition industry, silver medicine self-service, computer vision, convenient payment. The company has won the second prize of "Chuangke China" SME Competition, the company’s wisdom catering enters the 2019 enterprise canteen information service service national TOP10, company with "Smart Business Service Robot Project" finalists in China New generation of artificial intelligence industry innovation Key task potential units.

8, Wanxing Technology

Wanxing Technology Group Co., Ltd. continues to focus on video creative software business, actively promoting the technological innovation and quality of drawing creativity, document ideas and utilities, quickly responding to market demand, strengthening mobile service layouts, and constantly exploring new products. The company’s main products include digital creative products (video creative software, drawing creative software, document creative software, utility software), and the company continues to obtain "national planning layout" certification in the "National Planning Layout" certification.