Building a service closed loop map science and technology to help retail market digital upgrade

Computer vision has evolved from an artificial intelligent technical topic to create value for business. In China, many successful cases come from the scientific retail industry. In foreign countries, both semiconductor giants Intel or retailers GAP Inc., companies in different industries are increasingly striving to intelligently incorporate artificial intelligence into their operational techniques. But one of the potential pain points is how to extend the AI ??project from the idea, and the gestation period to the full integration of the business.

Digital Digital in the store requires a Digital Store Platform that can integrate sales systems and operations systems to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency. Computer vision is one of the key technologies that can achieve these goals. Through its perception, judgment, executive empowerment enterprises, thereby achieving the purpose of transformation experience and business efficiency.

Artificial Intelligent Technology Enterprise Scientific Technology AI digital business solution has a wide range of representative, which shows how computer vision technology is how to enable existing and new digital contacts of retail enterprises, helping companies achieve business objectives. .

Building 3D digital items by automatic identification and automatic 3D modeling technology, improving customer experience and operational efficiency.A IT retail head brand has always rely on the advertising company’s product propaganda shooting and combined with the marketing materials, but the product is much, the market characteristics of the iterative, and the material materials depending on the traditional way are difficult to keep up with the rhythm. Spectrum Technology AI digital commodity solutions will support this process, intelligent automation, and program support instant automation to create multiple categories 3D products, 3D product manuals, marketing scenarios, support customers to put 3D digital products into different scenarios. Digital live experience and real-time iterative analysis.

3D digital merchandise shopping, 3D digital experience hall, support real-time interaction.影 科技 technology and China’s home appliance leader Haier reached a strategic cooperation, jointly built a home appliance numerous business solution, expanding the visual presentation ability of the commodity multimode coexistence, and realizes interactive immersion shopping experience.

Optimize the shopping experience through 3D virtual customer service robots, and build service closed loops to help retail sales.The picture score technology intelligent service system can coordinate deployment to complete the exclusive digital virtual person, virtual store shopping guide patrol, virtual after-sales instructor, etc. Virtual store patrol robot can help store to reduce the shortage and product display errors, improve customer experience; virtual after-sales instructor maximize customer use interests, reduce misunderstanding chances; digital virtual people are reflected in various live, shopping guide, etc. Digitalize customer behavior, support business decisions by capturing customer interaction processes, and transforming them into relevant quantitative indicators to support business decisions.

In the retail scenario, the brand, retailer, and consumers are asymmetrical. This also leads to time and efficiency. In the past few years, the complexity of online retail growth has grown index. On the one hand, the retail brand is a change in sales. On the other hand, it lacks automation IT technology to enhance the digitization of goods and marketing materials.

For retail brand, cost, efficiency, experience seem to form an impossible triangle. In the face of continuous digital contacts, the retail brand must obtain a full range of visualization capabilities, data-related analysis, end-to-end digitization experience, and seamlessly integrate into the entire business digitized chain. With the reduction of traditional customer experience, it will help retailers to achieve cross-platform collaboration AI twins solution will determine who can stand out.

From the above-mentioned investural score technology, you can see that it constructs one-stop closed-loop service capability and advantage in the retail area. It is understood that the scientific technology has opened the computer vision AI generation technology and digital twin technology, providing end-to-end in the industry and enterprises, and retail solutions will operate through the real-time interaction 3D into the core. Transfer to visual data, help brand retail build 3D retail platform, analyze, track business decisions, and optimize market strategies including pricing, product delivery, promotion, effectively enhance corporate operation efficiency, Help the retail market to digitally upgrade.