Weima car smart driving again, OTA upgrade brings a new experience

Committed to creating a Weima car who can buy a smart car to buy a smart car, a L4-level unmanned production model Weimar W6, to solve the parking problem for the majority of users, so that smart cars better Serving users, truly doing technology among Ware.

Weima Apollo works with one of the world’s largest automatic driving open platforms that reflects the long-looking to artificially intelligent in new energy vehicles. In 19 years, Weima’s automatic driving assistance system, which is a real L2-level automatic driving assist system, so that more users and families can enjoy smart driving. Weima W6 is based on the user’s pain points to realize the L4 unmanned driver of parking scenes, equipped with AVP unmanned self-service parking system, which increases the intelligence of new energy vehicles. And the power of the domain OTA upgrade also makes the car recently have a new feeling after the first OTA upgrade, increasing the KTV, intelligent voice assistant’s upgrade, and the control increase function of Huawei negative screen. Subsequent, Weima W6 will be based on open HAVP (autonomous learning parking), through OTA upgrades online PAVP (high-precision). HAVP and PAVP are suitable for fixed parking space scenes and non-fixed parking spaces, and strong combination provides users with the most practical driver’s technology experience.

In the second half of the year, Weima car also released hardware and software more intelligent advanced Weima M7. It is reported that Weima M7 will also support unmanned domain, will automatically drive more upstairs. According to industry related companies, 2020 to 2025 will become a critical period of my country to high-end automatic driving, by 2030, it is expected to realize the height of the suburbs and urban roads, and it is expected to be fully automatic after 2035. Our life will also bring more changes because of technology.