The quality of the old-fashioned flat, the quality of the new flat, the sound can be tested.

Author: poor moon

Honestly, I don’t know if the sound can be said when I am concerned about the flat stuff, and the sound can be recommended by the old iron.

I don’t know if you find that there is no, the manufacturer who is flattening plug is generally very focused. Although it is said that the flattet era is over, there are still several domestic brands that are still providing a new experience for the flattel.

This is in fact, in fact, there is already a lotus head at least 3 years ago, using my personal words, the flat plug has entered a new era.

After the voice (RW1000) of the sound of the sound, it is followed by a further Bison (RW2000), and now it ushered in the celestial cattle (RW3000), the price is also raised from the thousand yuan to 2k +, this article Share the individual’s related experience.

▲ In the appearance of RW3000 Tianniu and the previous two generations of molds are different, still a special sound cavity of snail architecture, but the body is similar to the first, lightweight high purity titanium aluminum alloy material makes it exquisite, wear There is also an improvement.

▲ See the shape design of this front and rear cavity and a large-area air hole, in fact, it is expected that the low frequency of Tianshen will be shocked. If you don’t understand what I said, I don’t know if the low frequency of the flat plug is difficult, the reason is nothing more than the flat plug cavity is small and the soundproof effect is poor.

▲ cavity detail show.

▲ When the plane plug is a generic mold plus the painting line or a common leather, but the era is different, and the flat-head plug supports the change in routine operation. The MMCX three-generation interface scheme used by the sound cow, the master part is reinforced with pure copper, and it can indeed increase the number of inserts, but the insert is also very laborious. It is recommended that the old iron is wrapped in a layer of cloth. Commonly manipulated.

▲ The wire of the sky is upgraded. This time is a relatively fine eight-core high-purity freezing single crystal silver foil wire mixed wire, and the official specially mentioned that the headphones are particularly created, but the main line is slightly thick, but the texture Comfortable, almost no elasticity, storage index and stethoscope effect control are excellent.

▲ In the plug, the cow is equipped with 3.5 / 2.5 and 4.4 specifications. The individual gets the conventional 3.5 plug, 16 ohm impedance and 113dB sensitivity make it easy to easily, with MATE30 when personal I have listened, although the low frequency will be unpleasant because the thrust is not enough, but the whole is not evil.

▲ At the time of the auditors, the individual uses Dry Dragon Sheng Qa361 and Tria L6, style and mobile phone direct push, and then not as low as the wilderness like a bison, and secondly is not like the current new flat plug. That analyze, I even think that its taste is the warmth of the old age flat plug, but its quality is higher, the dynamic is more dynamic, and the big scene of the mixed electronic music and symphony like Hansi It can also be reluctant.

Yes, driving this big scene is a good sound field, the low-frequency horizontal sound field of the cow is more obvious, but the vertical sound field is easily ignored, because its instrument is not very prominent (so I suggest it) 2.5 or 4.4 is on, improve the thrust should be further strengthened), but the dive is deep, the sound bottom thickness is moderate, the amount of brightness is natural, whether it is a hard rock or red pepper, and the alternative rock of red pepper. Or or is the jazz rock of the horror horror can take into account the overall atmosphere and feel the performance of the details.

▲ Of course, it is best to reflect it is still its old-fashioned style or its vocal, quit warm, quadruple analysis, two points, listen to Zhao Peng, the thickness is really good, whenever you think it will be a little alcohol but also Whenever you think that the teeth are once again, it also finds that it has a few fluffy feelings. Although the resolution is not very prominent, the density is not obvious, but the icon is stable, clear.

Such as Johnny Cash, Leonard, Nick Cave, the voice of the old man can find the feeling of the old family flat plug on the cow, but it has also parsed the quality, it does not exemplify it, because I still want to say Say its female voice.

If the parsing can also be improved in the male voice, then its female voice is just right, it is not a lot of warm sounds to further cut, but the thickness is moderate, even if it is Tai Qin’s mid-sound, there is a big box of stretching texture, The teeth are also maintained natural, the brightness is higher than that of the male voice, and the emotion is reflected, and some singers’ sweetness can also be reflected.

The high frequency part is the most authentic, brightness and thickness are natural, and the transients are not good enough on the two machines I am audition, but the overall permissions, the instrumental positioning includes the extensive tone on the details, even In a muscles of mixed strings and tube, it has not excessively paying attention to the analysis of strings, and the sound field is more broad, let me trust its potential.

▲ In contrast to Titanoid Plus and Sui Strove D3 +, Swissic D3 + is the most thrust, and the low frequency has the deepest, and the sound field is wider, but vocal resolution requires greater thrust to best.

At low frequency coagulating control and elastic upper titanium PLUS performance, although the sound field is not as good as D3 + wide, it is very stretched, low frequency is still very stable.

The RW3000 low frequency is the most quantitative, but its dive depth is not shallow, and the parsing is more obvious, it is not tight under great thrust, and the charm is not as good as the other, and there are more irritating feelings. Keep the permissions of this.

The people in vocals and the Titanium Plus style are similar, stronger, bright, full, have some sudden feelings, but the titanium bell Plus is more stretched, the RW3000 density is stronger, the two can be said to be a flat autumn, but the titanium bell Plus Medium and low frequency layers are more distinct, and individuals are more biased.

▲ Female voice, RW3000 and titanium PLUs have excellent analysis, and the PLUS of Titanium Plus is more clean, while RW3000 is stretched, although this titanium plus is still natural.

Because the RW3000 is used in this comparison 3.5 to 6.5 plugs, the individual has not done too much comparison, and only the two have a very good quality, and the titanium bell Plus is more calm.

The high frequency RW3000 is far higher than medium and low frequency after piping, in other words, in other words, its high frequency is more thrust, dynamics and transients reach the level of titany Plus, regardless of the isolation The degree or the extension is not inferior to the Titanium Bell Plus, and the performance is even better in the flue.

▲ Overall summary section

Relative to the comparison of Titanoid Plus and Sui Strove D3 +, I want to say that the performance of RW3000 under different thrust, it is so good, but the thrust is different. It is also different. For example, in L6, its voices in Le Tia L6 also maintains a higher quality while there is a charm of this old flat plug, but in the huge QA390 of the QA390, it is stimulated, and the tone is more neutral, and it is Flatle plug in quality stream.

On the three-frequency distribution, although the RW3000 is more powerful, it is still a balanced, the style can also be returned to the eating, if it is a good low frequency, the front end does not need too much test, if you like female or orchestra, you will be on the donkey. The front end (or select 4.4 plug directly).

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Digital Digital in the store requires a Digital Store Platform that can integrate sales systems and operations systems to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency. Computer vision is one of the key technologies that can achieve these goals. Through its perception, judgment, executive empowerment enterprises, thereby achieving the purpose of transformation experience and business efficiency.

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In the retail scenario, the brand, retailer, and consumers are asymmetrical. This also leads to time and efficiency. In the past few years, the complexity of online retail growth has grown index. On the one hand, the retail brand is a change in sales. On the other hand, it lacks automation IT technology to enhance the digitization of goods and marketing materials.

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