Weifang Qingzhou: Smart agriculture is injecting new vitality for rural villages

"Xiaofeng, how much is it now?" "The real-time temperature in the shed is 25 ° C", "" On the 2nd front airproof "" No. 2 ventilation mouth has been opened ". On November 15th, in the Poverty Alleviation Project in the Nanzhuwangwang Ecological Park in Qingzhou, Qingzhou City, Yunshi Town, the planting households were using mobile phones to carry out the wind. A variety of operations in the wind. "This artificial intelligence can also forecast the weather in advance. When you encounter the rain, you will close all the wind in advance, eliminate the possibility of rain into the shed. When the temperature in the shed exceeds 30 ° C, you can automatically open all the wind Avoid the temperature too high. "The Demide slid on the phone screen and introduced it. Automatic wind turbine, automatic temperature control, intelligent water fertilizer integrated equipment, intelligent fill light, etc., thereby achieving remote management and intelligent operation, etc. Even if there is no sun, rain and snow weather does not affect the growth of vegetables in the shed. In the greenhouse computer control room, you can see the environmental data in the shed on the screen, including light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration. "This is our southern Xiao Wang Zhijia agricultural data platform, which is our own research and development, a total of the Internet of Things system, automated central control system, price analysis, planting warning system, ozone water straw returning system and fire eye gold eye disease intelligent identification system six Match. "Sun Guo, secretary of the Party Branch of Nan Xiaowang Village, told reporters.